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The Barletta Lusso Series

Meet the Barletta Lusso Series, a top-of-the-line pontoon with sophisticated features, memorable performance, and cutting-edge construction. The Lusso was made for those who want a luxury experience with no compromises. The plushest interior, a classy aesthetic from bow to stern, and the highest quality construction of the entire Barletta lineup. Simply put, the Lusso features the best of the best from Barletta, the fasting-growing pontoon brand on the market.

2023 Lusso on water

The best of the best

The Lusso comes in two sizes (23 and 25 feet) and has four different layouts (quad-lounge, ultra-lounge, ultra-entertainer, and meridian-lounge). Each layout can be customized with up to 20 available floorplan offerings to choose from, so you’ll be able to find exactly what you need.

No matter the floorplan, the Lusso has an abundance of standard features, including DoggieDock view and an integrated pet dish (learn more about Barletta’s pet friendliness here), VIP technology, power Bimini, Yeti-ready cup holders, USB – C charging ports, and a raised helm platform. But what makes the Lusso stand out is the close attention to detail. Quilted stitch patterns on the vinyl create an elegant aesthetic throughout the boat. Not to mention the Lusso has the most ergonomic, comfortable, and plush vinyl interior Barletta has to offer.

2023 Lusso on water

Elegant aesthetic

The overall aesthetic of the Lusso is much different from the Aria, Corsa, and Cabrio. The quilted stitching provides a more elegant look than the Corsa’s signature sporty aesthetic and the simple design of the Cabrio and Aria. The Lusso has deeper and more ergonomic seats and a higher siding than the rest of the Barletta lineup. When the water conditions get rough, the high railing on Lusso will keep you dry.

Learn more about the differences between the series here.

2023 Lusso on water

Comfort and performance

Structurally the Lusso is one of the most advanced in the lineup. The 26-inch tubes found on the Lusso and Corsa create more buoyancy and allow for more passengers on the boat. Additionally, the larger tubes create a smoother ride compared to models with smaller tubes. And if you’re looking for extra stability and performance, the Lusso can be upgraded to a tritoon package.

The Lusso can be equipped with a tow pylon for water sports capabilities. Add a 100+ horsepower Mercury engine, and the Lusso is powerful enough to pull tubers and wakeboarders. For our those looking for salt water capabilities , the Lusso also comes in a Coastal Edition, which features large anodes and sealed lifting strakes. The Coastal Edition will keep saltwater from damaging your boat and will help maintain your boat’s value over time.

The ultimate luxury pontoon experience

If you are looking for a boat that will last, perform, and provide you with all the latest and greatest creature comforts available, the Barletta Lusso checks all the boxes. Our customers love the extra space for entertaining guests, classic and stylish rail-set, ultrasoft furniture, sleek helm loaded with technology, and pet-friendly amenities found on the Lusso. So if you’re looking for the ultimate luxury pontoon experience in mind, the Lusso is a great pontoon for you.

Price Range

At Action Water Sports, typically our customers will add a 150-300 horsepower engine and tritoon package when purchasing a Lusso. With these options, it puts the Lusso in the $100,000 – $175,000* price range. It’s important to remember that the overall price can increase based upon which options you choose for your Lusso.

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If you have any more questions about the Lusso series from Barletta, contact your local Action Water Sports or view our inventory below.

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*Prices, product specifications, and all other information shown on this website are for information purposes only and are subject to change at any time without obligation.