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Meet the Barletta Lusso Series. This is the Barletta series that started the whole company. From this series, Barletta has grown to five different series. The Lusso series was crafted to deliver the highest level of luxury and features on a pontoon.  

Barletta has accomplished exactly that with this series. On this luxurious series of boats, you will find the best designs, innovations, and construction in the industry. This series is the most accommodating luxury pontoon in the industry. 

Keep reading to learn what makes this series stand out against the competition and what separates it from other Barletta series.  

The Lusso Standards 

The construction of the Lusso series delivers the best-in-class ride anywhere on the water. With features such as heavy-duty crossmembers, I beams, and nosecones this boat is built to be the ultimate pontoon. The Lusso series is built with 26″ toons to add buoyancy which sets the boat even further above the water. The quality of the construction of this boat is second to none.

These great pontoons come in 23-foot and 25-foot length options. Four floorplans are available in both lengths. The available floorplans are the Quad-Lounge with Sports Stern, Ultra-Lounge, Ultra-Entertainer, and Meridian-Lounge floorplans.  

These four floorplans are all very versatile allowing these boats to lead the industry. The Meridian Lounge won the 2023 NMMA Innovation Award proving that these boats excel in innovation and versatility.  

Regardless of floorplan, the Lusso series has an abundance of standard features that make this boat the most luxurious pontoon on the market. Let’s start with the standard features that are found on every single Barletta. These features include VIP technology, pet-friendly features, Yeti-Ready cup holders, USB and USB-C chargers, and power bimini. 

Along with the standards that are found on every single Barletta, the Lusso series features some elevated additions to provide the most luxurious time on the water. These additional features include a raised helm, wireless phone charger, extended swim deck, fender baskets, dual batteries, and anchor storage.  

The Design of the Lusso 


The Lusso was crafted to feature the most luxurious features and designs. Attention to every detail can be found throughout the boat. The furniture features a quilted design that accents the ultra-soft vinyl. The furniture has an elevated look to it to match everything else on this premium boat. 

At the helm, you will find stainless steel switches placed strategically to give the helm a luxurious touch. You will also find the premium steering wheel on every Lusso. Throughout the entirety of the interior of the boat, you’ll see design touches that truly make this boat so special. 


On the exterior of the boat, you’ll find stainless steel accents. These stainless-steel accents make the Lusso series stand out on the water. Barletta made sure that detail was given to every aspect of the boat.  

Available Options and Upgrades 

Now that you know what you can expect to see on every Lusso, let’s get into the available customizations. Barletta has made it easy by offering a limited number of upgrades and options by making many features standard. However, there are still some options to add. 

You can add a double bimini, seat covers, a changing room, a bolster seat, and underwater lighting. Along with these great additions, Barletta has recently added a windshield and a thruster system to this list. These features will add to your enjoyment while out on the water so be sure to check them out.  

Also available on all Lusso models is an Arch in place of the power bimini. The Arch is also powered so you won’t have to worry about having to put it up and down. The Arch is perfect for those who enjoy watersports or prefer the look of the Arch over the standard bimini.

What is the Cost of a Lusso? 

A Lusso is the premium series offered by Barletta Pontoon Boats. With all the standard features and elevated designs, you get with this boat, you’ll notice a price tag that reflects that. The Lusso series starts at $99,900 or $765/month. Based on how most customers equipped the Lusso Series, ranges in price are from $125,000 to $165,000*. Length, floorplan, and options all cause variation in the price of a Lusso. 

Enjoy the Barletta Lifestyle 

If you are looking for a boat that will hold its value, perform, and provide you with all the latest and greatest innovations and technologies, the Barletta Lusso is right for you. Our customers love the extra space for entertaining guests, classic and stylish rail design, ultra-soft furniture, elevated designs on the helm with innovative technology, and pet-friendly amenities found on the Lusso. If you’re looking for the ultimate luxury pontoon experience in mind, the Lusso is a great option. 

Stop by your local Action Water Sports** to learn more about the Barletta Lusso.  

*Prices, product specifications, and all other information shown on this website are for information purposes only and are subject to change at any time without obligation. Terms include 240 months, 8.99% APR 20% Down Payment 
**Barletta Pontoon Boats are available at Action Water Sports of Hudsonville, Traverse City, and Florida 

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