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Which Series from Barletta is Right for me?

Just as car brands offer a variety of classes (or trim levels), Barletta offers five different series: the Aria, the Cabrio, the Corsa, the Lusso, and the Reserve. Here’s what makes each series from Barletta different:

The Barletta Aria 

Your first step into luxury – $$
Introduced in 2023 we have Barletta’s new entry level pontoon, the Aria. Designed for those who want to get a new pontoon but might not have a desire for all the bells and whistles available on other models. 

The Aria is available in two lengths, 20 and 22 feet, and with two layouts, the Quad Lounge, Ultra Lounge, Cast-n-Cruise. Although the Aria is Barletta’s entry level model you still get standard features that Barletta owners have come to love, like the Power Bimini, V.I.P. technology (learn more about that here), and an integrated pet food/water dish. If you wish to get a brand-new boat with Barletta’s DNA and boat on smaller bodies of water, the luxurious yet affordable Aria could be for you. 

The Barletta Cabrio

Affordable luxury – $$$
Next, we have Barletta’s original entry-level model—the Cabrio. Every Cabrio comes equipped with stowaway doggie dishes, Hertz audio, Yeti-ready cup holders, Doggie Dockview, and USB chargers. 

Barletta is dedicated to offering a variety of premium features on every boat, including the Cabrio. Features include powered biminis, plush interior furniture, and Vibration Isolation Pad (VIP) Technology. As for size, the Cabrio is available in 20, 22, and 24-foot model lengths, which is great for small to medium-sized inland lakes. Overall, if you don’t want too much flash but are looking for a great pontoon at an entry-level price point that has a lot of the features we’ve come to love about Barletta, plus more size and layout options than the Aria, consider the Cabrio.

2023 Barletta Cabrio on water

The Barletta Corsa

Sporty luxury – $$$$
Barletta’s mid-level model, the Corsa, brings a sporty and modern twist to the lineup. Compared to the Cabrio, the Corsa has more color and customization options and is available in 21, 23, and 25-foot model lengths. 

In addition to the standard features found on the Cabrio, the Corsa has a higher side railing, a raised helm with chrome gauges, interior accent colors options, and can be equipped with a forward-facing arch. The forward-facing arch is gas-operated and can be easily lowered or raised. If you’re looking for a pontoon with a sporty aesthetic and plenty of customization options and features, consider the Corsa.

2023 Barletta Corsa on water

The Barletta Lusso 

Premium luxury – $$$$$
Lastly, we have the Lusso, the top-of-the-line boat from Barletta. From bow to stern, the Lusso is for the consumer that wants the best of everything: the highest quality construction, the plushest interior, and the highest side railing in the lineup.

The Lusso can also be equipped with a forward-facing arch like the Corsa, but the Lusso’s arch is electronically operated. Raising and lowering the arch is as easy as pressing a button. The Lusso is available in 23 and 25-foot model lengths and is the only boat in the lineup that can be equipped with a 450 hp engine. Overall, the Lusso is a great option for boaters on mid to large-sized lakes.

2023 Barletta Lusso on water

The Barletta Reserve

Unmatched luxury – $$$$$
The Barletta Reserve offers two boats, the Reserve and the Leggera. Both encompass the most luxurious features throughout the boat. At an astounding deck length of 28′ 6″, this boat can fit all of your friends and family. It is available in two different layouts, the Ultra-Lounge with a Co-Captains seat or the Meridian-Lounge.

If you’re seeking luxury in every aspect, from the construction to the furniture to the technology, look no further as the Reserve is the epitome of a luxury boat. Enjoy unique features that are not available on any other boats with this premium line of Barletta Pontoons.

Price range

As for price, the entry-level Aria can be available ready to hit the water for as low as $39,900. The Cabrio can range from $65,000 to $85,000* depending on the selected options. The mid-level Corsa can range from $100,000 to $120,000*. For the Corsa and Lusso, a major determining factor of the price is the engine horsepower and the toon option. Finally, we have the Lusso which ranges from $120,000 to $155,000*.

Thanks for reading!

In addition to the three different models, each series offers a variety of floorplans, so you can find the Barletta pontoon that fits your needs. And with their recent acquisition by Winnebago Industries, customers can have confidence that their Barletta pontoon will continue to hold value for years to come. Learn more about the acquisition as we sat down with Winnebago here.

*Prices, product specifications, and pricing information shown on this website are for information purposes only and are subject to change at any time.

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