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One of the best parts of owning a boat is traveling to different lakes, marinas, and rivers. But to move your boat to different locations, it’s essential to know how to trailer and tow your boat correctly. And knowing how to tow and launch your boat correctly is crucial for the care of your boat. Plus, it’s more convenient for other drivers.

So if you’re thinking about towing your boat to a new location, here are a few tips:


While your boat is on the trailer, checking all trailer lights and connections is essential. Make sure all cables are secure, and the turn signal lights activate. Also, make sure to check the conditions of your tires. Look for any wear, tear, damage, and check the tire pressure. The recommended amount of pressure differs by brand, so be sure to check the manufacturer’s recommendation located on the tire when filling up with air.

Launching your boat into the water:

The key here is to take your time. Then, slowly back the trailer into the water. Once you see the back end of your boat floating, stop reversing into the water. It’s important to keep the boat hooked to the trailer before starting the engine. If you have a dead battery or another issue with your boat, you can easily pull the boat back out of the water and address the issue. Once the boat is in the water, start the engine and unhook the boat from the trailer. Once the boat driver pulls away from the dock, slowly pull the trailer out of the water.

Towing your boat out of the water:

To tow your boat out of the water, align your boat with the dock. Then slowly begin to back up the trailer toward the water while using the dock as a guide. A helpful tip: placing your hand at the bottom of the wheel will help you back in more efficiently. Whatever direction you turn your hand is the direction the trailer will go. Most modern trailers will have guide poles that mark the water level on the trailer once in the water. Have the boat driver slowly drive the boat onto the trailer. Once the boat is on the trailer, attach the boat trailer winch strap to the hook on the front of the boat. Crank the winch until the boat is fully secured onto the trailer. Then slowly pull the boat out of the water.


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