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Introducing The Meridian

New for 2023 is the Meridian layout from Barletta. This NMMA award winning layout is available on the Lusso and Reserve series and is an exciting combination of the popular Ultra-Lounge and Quad-Lounge layouts. 

What makes the Meridian layout unique?

There are several unique features worth mentioning on the Meridian layout, one of the most notable being the location of the helm. The helm has been moved slightly forward in the boat, making the bow area more intimate, and the stern area behind the helm more open with tons of room to lounge.  

Another cool new feature found on the Meridian layout is the raising and lowering arm rests found throughout the boat. These arm rests are large, comfortable, and provide plenty of support.  

In addition to the multiple lounging options, the Meridian layout includes a yacht-style table, which easily folds to allow passengers to walk through the boat easily.  

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The Meridian layout offers the most seating of any Barletta floorplan, allow you to lounge in whatever direction you choose, and gives boaters a great mix between two stellar layouts from Barletta. Not sure which series from Barletta is right for you? Check out our full series overview here

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