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Introducing the XStar S, MasterCraft’s latest surf centric addition to their award-winning lineup. Designed to appease fun-loving families and hardcore riders alike, the XStar S features everything you need for unprecedented water sports performance and endless comfort on a boat.

With a 23-foot-long surf-customized hull and 4,300 lbs of ballast, the XStar S continues the XStar legacy in epic fashion. Beyond its unrivaled performance, here are a few ways the XStar S offers unrivaled performance and quality:


Transom lounge seating

Welcome to the best seats in the house—the all-new transom lounge seating. Exclusive to the XStar S, the transom lounge seats were designed for maximum comfort with slidable, ergonomic headrests, extendable footrests, and the deepest seat in the industry.


FastFill ballast pumps

Get on the water faster than ever with FastFill ballast pumps. Designed to move water through the ballast system and into ballast tanks nearly three times faster than standard pumps, with FastFill ballast system on an XStar S, the 4,300 lbs of ballast will be full in just four minutes.



Easily customize a wave for every rider with SurfStar. All you have to do is pick a number 1 through 7 and surf your wave. The user-friendly graphic on the dash displays the size of the wave: 1 being a longer and more mellow wake, 7 being a steeper and taller wake. And the all-new actuators provide increased strength with position-sensors that deliver clean, consistent riding no matter the setting.


Unmatched waves

On every MasterCraft, you will find a J-shaped wake, so if you fall back in the wave, it’s easy to recover. The size of the pocket also provides enough length to ensure you are not surfing too close to the boat. When there’s a small pocket, injuries are more likely to occur from surfing too close to the boat.


Tower options

New for 2022, the new Z series towers. The Z6 tower comes standard on the XStar S and is equipped with essential clamping board racks. You also have the option to upgrade to the Z8 Hydro-lock tower on the XStar S. With a simple push of a button, you can easily lower and lift the Z8 into place. Finally, there’s also the option for the Z10 power tower—the easiest tower to maneuver. Lift and lower the automatic Z10 with the press of a button


Stern thruster

Easily maneuver in and out of tight spaces with the optional stern thruster. The stern thruster control is located conveniently on the top of the throttle for quick and smooth movement, so you can rotate 360 all while your boat is stationary. Simply put, the stern thruster makes the XStar S’s 23-foot hull a breeze to dock and situate for wakesurfing.


Switchback Ballast Tank

An optional feature for the XStar S is the Switchback Ballast Tank. Previously seen on X models, the Switchback Ballast Tank helps distribute water evenly throughout the hull of the boat. This helps keeps the boat level and removes the need to move passengers around to compensate for the ballast weight. Unlock unprecedented surf waves—cleaner, longer, sharper, bigger.


Underwater exhaust

Found on the XStar S, XStar, and X series: underwater exhaust. Enjoy more of the good stuff—great tunes, easy conversations, fresh air, and the best waves on the planet—while the underwater exhaust makes your boat ride even quieter.


Surf supremacy without compromise

Designed for those looking to get the biggest and most accurate surf wave, seating for up to 16 people, and an abundance of premium options, including a 7.4L 522 horsepower Ilmor Engine and premium audio, the XStar S was built to reign supreme. And if you are looking for a boat with easy towing capabilities without compromising storage space and ballast, the XStar S checks all the boxes. Day boaters will find plenty of room to stretch out on the XStar S and a standard transom walkthrough that makes entering and exiting the boat a breeze.



The XStar S starts at $254,900 or $1,950/month*.  

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*Excludes used and brokerage boats. Prices, product specifications, and all other information shown on this website are for information purposes only and are subject to change at any time without obligation. 240 months, 8.99% APR and 20% down. 

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