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Premium performance, endless customizability, easy towing and storing. There’s a lot to love about the redesigned MasterCraft XT22 boat. For 2022, MasterCraft updated the versatile 22-footer with a new transom design, surf-centric hull, surf system, and a variety of new features.

The numbers

The XT22 comes in at 22 feet and 4 inches long, has a dry weight of 5,485 lbs, seats up to 16 people with gear, and has 3,350 lbs of ballast with MasterCraft’s new surf system, SurfStar; that’s 585 additional pounds of dry weight and 650 more pounds of ballast compared to previous model years.

The best got even better

For 2022, MasterCraft updated the XT22 with a deeper, surf-centric hull design. The deeper hull creates a more ergonomic feel, and more freeboard in the cockpit keeps passengers high and dry even on windy, wet days. Additionally, the deeper hull allows for more ballast which means bigger surf waves with more push. Aesthetically, the deeper hull gives the XT22 a more modern and aggressive exterior.

MasterCraft also added new integrated transom seating on the XT22 for 2022. The new transom seating features standard sliding seats and can be upgraded to include flip-up backrests. And to make it easier for passengers to exit from the transom, MasterCraft updated the standard transom walkthrough with a SeaDek step pad. So if you’re looking to improve the longevity of your vinyl, the step pad is a helpful new feature.

Keep your cups in the cupholders and keep your phones in the new cockpit phone holders, a new feature our customers love about the XT22. There are two phone holders located on each side of the cockpit right under the gunnel. These phone holders were designed to keep your phone out of the hot sun and protected from water. Also, all four cockpit phone holders can be upgraded with wireless charging, a great way to keep your phone charged all day while out on the water. What does this mean for you? More tunes, fewer distractions, and a better experience for you and your passengers.


Combine the new surf-centric hull design with MasterCraft’s all-new SurfStar system, and the XT22 delivers premium water sports performance like never before. With asymmetrical tabs, integrated position sensors, and military-grade actuators, Surfstar delivers the most customizable wake on the planet. And with SurfStar’s easy-to-use interface with an intuitive 1 through 7 sliding scale, it has never been so easy to find the perfect wave for every kind of rider. Select one for a mellow, beginner-friendly wake or go all the way up to seven for the tallest wake.

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Premium tower options

The XT22 can be combined with any of the new Z series towers. The Z6 tower is the standard tower option for all MasterCrafts and comes with clamping swivel board racks. The upgradable Z8 tower is one of the easiest folding towers on the market. With a simple push of a button, you can easily lift and lower the hydraulic Z8 tower. Finally, we have the Z10 power tower. Much like its predecessor, the ZFT 7, the Z10 lifts and lowers electronically with the press of a button on the dash. Plus, both the Z8 and Z10 towers can be customized with 15 different chromax inlay colors.

If you like what we have said so far

The XT22 was designed for those who want the ultimate surf experience while not sacrificing creature comforts like the integrated transom seating and cockpit phone holders. At 22 feet 4 inches long, the XT22 is perfect for small- to mid-size families with its 16-passenger capacity. And if you are looking for a boat that is easy to trailer yet large enough to handle a variety of water conditions, the XT22 is a perfect fit. With the modern, foldable Z series towers, the XT22 can easily maneuver under bridges and lifts and be stored in most garages. Overall, the XT22 is a great option for families who plan on boating on inland lakes.


The 2022 XT22 starts surf-ready at $132,000. Typically, our customers, with the most commonly selected options, pay between $150,000 – $180,000 for the XT22. A fully–loaded model will typically fall at the higher end of that price range.



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