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At first glance, choosing a floorplan for your pontoon boat can be overwhelming. Barletta has made it simple and easy by offering a select number of versatile and innovative floorplans to accommodate your preferences. Whether you and your family are looking to fish, entertain, or cruise around the lake, Barletta offers a floorplan for you. Let’s take a look at the available floorplans and what differentiates them. 

What are Barletta’s “Model Designators”?

To get started, Barletta uses Model Designators to represent each of their floorplan options. Below you’ll find a list matching the floorplan option to its single or double letter designator. We will go through each of these layouts below. 

  • U – Ultra-Lounge
  • UE – Ultra-Entertainer
  • Q – Quad-Lounge
  • SS – Sports Stern
  • M – Meridian-Lounge
  • CC – Cast ‘N’ Cruise
  • C – Co-Captains Chair 
  • A – Arch

Ultra-Lounge (U) 

The Ultra-Lounge, positioned at the stern of the boat, offers a versatile lounge area suitable for sunbathing and cruising. With its innovative design, it can be adjusted to various different seating positions, allowing you to sit or lie down comfortably. Whether facing forward or backwards, the seats can be positioned to transform into loungers or a full daybed. This versatile floorplan is perfect for relaxing at the sandbar or during tie-ups, comfortable enough that you could even take a nap.  

The Ultra-Lounge option is available on the Aria, Cabrio, Corsa, Lusso, and Reserve Series. 

Ultra-Entertainer (UE)

The Ultra-Entertainer takes the versatile design of the Ultra-Lounge and adds a bar-height table and chairs. This floorplan is perfect for, you guessed it, entertaining. Serving drinks, snacks, or playing games the UE is perfect for entertaining your guests on the water.  

The Ultra-Entertainer option is available on the Cabrio, Corsa, and Lusso Series. 

QuadLounge (Q) 

The Quad-Lounge might remind you of one of the more traditional pontoon layouts. Towards the front of the boat, two chaise lounges wrap around the interior of the rail. The lounges in the bow are mimicked in the stern of the boat to create the “Quad-Lounge” nickname. This floorplan is perfect for families with young kids or dogs because of the enclosed rail system.  

The Quad-Lounge option is available on the Aria, Cabrio, Corsa, and Lusso Series.  


Sport-Stern (SS) 

The Sports-Stern is exclusive to the Quad-Lounge floorplan on the Corsa and Lusso Series. This luxury floorplan is designed for boaters who love watersports. The stern of this boat has a sporty look and accentuates the speakers on the stern. This upgraded floorplan is perfect for watersport enthusiasts because of the rear facing speakers that face the skier or wakeboarder. The Sports-Stern is also a great feature for spending time at the sandbar. The elevated design of the Sports-Stern sets it apart from the other Quad-Lounge floorplans. 

The Sport Stern is only available on the Corsa and Lusso Series.  


Meridian-Lounge (M) 

The Meridian-Lounge won the NMMA innovation award in 2023 and is the intersection of the Ultra-Lounge and Quad-Lounge layouts. The stern seats of this innovative layout offer the most versatile configurations, allowing you to sit or lounge in multiple directions. Additionally, this floorplan includes a convenient flip-up table located between the chaise lounges in the stern, offering easy maneuverability throughout the length of the boat. The Meridian-Lounge floorplan is the most versatile and innovative pontoon floorplan offered yet. Check it out for yourself at one of our locations.  

The Meridian option is only available on the Lusso and Reserve Series.  


Cast-N-Cruise (CC) 

This floorplan is designed for the families who love to fish. On the Cast-N-Cruise you’ll find a fishing center fitted with tackle trays, rod holders, and even a live well. The dual swivel captain’s chairs in the stern of the boat are perfect to sit and cast your line from, while the chaise lounges found in the bow are great for relaxing after a day of fishing.  The Cast-n-Cruise floorplan is perfect for families wanting to spend quality time together while enjoying their favorite on-water activities.

The Cast-N-Cruise option is available on the Aria and Cabrio Series.  

Co-Captains Chair (C) 

While the Co-Captains chair is not a floorplan by itself, we find it important to note that the Co-Captains Chair is available on most floorplans. The Co-Captains chair makes cruising with just 2 guests aboard comfortable. It allows the captain and their guest to be right next to each other

Co-Captains Chairs are available on Aria, Cabrio, Corsa, and Lusso Series.

Arch (A) 

The A signifies an Arch on a model in place of the standard power bimini. This is an upgradable option available on the Corsa and Lusso Series. An Arch found on a Barletta Pontoon Boat is comparable to a wake-tower found on a towboat. For boater’s looking for a sporty and athletic look for their pontoon, the Arch is a perfect option for you.

Arches are only available on Lusso and Corsa Series.  

What is Our Most Popular Barletta?

Each Barletta floorplan is unique to fit the needs and wants of different people and families. With the numerous floorplans available throughout Barletta’s fleet, there’s one that has become the most popular in our stores.

This is the Barletta Cabrio 22UC. This model and floorplan is so popular is because of a number of reasons. The biggest reason for the popularity of this boat is the accommodations that come with it.

Being a UC model, the Cabrio 22UC features the versatile Ultra-Lounge that so many people love about Barletta boats. Also, featured is the Co-Captain’s Chair that allows someone to keep the captain company while underway. Not to forget about all the Barletta feature that come standard on every boat, the Cabrio 22UC is a great boat.

Another reason this boat gets a lot of love is because of the size of the boat. It’s not too small and not too big. For smaller inland lakes, this boat can comfortably cruise around the water. For larger lakes, this boat can handle some bigger waves as well.

Explore the Cabrio 22UC to see if this is the boat for you.

Which Floorplan is Right for You?

Now that you have a good understanding of the available floorplans on Barletta Pontoon Boats, it’s time to narrow down your own decision. Use the information above to figure out which floorplan appeals to you and your family.

The next step is to figure out which Barletta Series is for you. You’ll be able to piece together your dream Barletta boat. Check out our Barletta Series Overview to see which model would be the best-fit for you.

If you have any questions about Barletta Pontoon Boats, or boating in general, contact your local Action Water Sports with any questions that you may have. We’re here to help!   

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