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Cobalt Boats are known across the world as the most luxurious bowriders in the boating industry. With a wide range of stunning boats, there’s a Cobalt for everyone to enjoy. Whether your ideal day on the water consists of cruising, surfing, or anything in-between, there’s a premium Cobalt perfect for you.  

Cobalt Boats range anywhere from 22-foot sterndrives to surf boats to 35-foot outboards. All boats, no matter their size, class, or series, maintain luxury performance and exclusive construction. Cobalt offers three classes of runabouts that fit a variety of lifestyles.  

Through the three classes, it can be difficult to decide which Cobalt boat is right for you and your family. Keep reading to learn what differentiates the different classes from one another. 

Sterndrive Class  

The most versatile class in the Cobalt fleet is the Sterndrive class. These boats range anywhere from 22 feet to 36 feet. They’re equipped with inboard/outboard motors which allows for a smooth and comfortable ride in varying conditions.  

Within the Sterndrive class, you will find three different series of boats. This is the only Cobalt class that includes all three series. This class includes the A Series, the R Series, and the CS Series.   

A Series  

The Sterndrive A Series boats are:   

The A Series is the most premium series of sterndrive boats offered by Cobalt. With yacht-like design and detail throughout the boat, these are made for those seeking luxury on the water. This series of boats are designed to have the handling capabilities of a runabout while incorporating high-end components.  

Standard features such as the next-gen hull design that is reinforced with KevlarTM,  Garmin Glass Cockpit touchscreen systems, and a hydraulic swim platform set this series at the top of the line. All of these features significantly elevate your experience.   

The A Series encompasses luxury with innovation to bring a comfortable ride for the duration of your time on the water. Within the sterndrive class, this series of boats have exclusive finishes as well as intuitive handling to create the perfect ride.   

R Series  

The Sterndrive R Series boats are:  

  • R4  
  • R6  
  • R8
  • R30
  • R33
  • R35

The next series in the Sterndrive class is the R Series. This series is the most popular of the Cobalt fleet as it is the core series of the brand. Built with a sporty design and accented features, these boats can handle many water adventures.  

Being a Cobalt, the design and style will always complement the construction of the boat. Features found strategically on the R series include the walk-through transom, aft sun pad, as well as the Dual Garmin Cockpit. You will also find the swim-step platform that makes getting on and off of the boat simple.    

The R series has a boat for everyone. Whether you are boating on smaller inland lakes or would like to venture out to the big lakes or the Intracoastal, there are boats fully capable. Experience the elevated ride and design of a Cobalt boat while enjoying some of your favorite sporty features with the R Series.  

CS Series  

The Sterndrive CS Series boats are:  

  • 220S  
  • CS22  
  • CS23  

The CS Series by Cobalt Boats is the perfect entry into the Cobalt family. While still maintaining the luxury design and ride that sets Cobalt apart, this series is a great option for first-time boat owners. The performance of this boat is best on inland lakes because of the smaller size of these vessels.   

A great benefit of the CS Series is that these boats are easy to trailer. Because of the size, they are easy to tow down the road with your personal truck.  

Being a Cobalt, this series of boats are designed with top-tier features and accents to make for a luxury ride every time you step on board. Check out the CS Series to experience the introduction into luxury of a Cobalt on the water.  

Surf Class  

Next is the Surf Class of Cobalt Boats. These boats are all equipped with the Volvo Penta’s Forward Drive system, which allows for safe and fun surfing. Other Cobalt models cannot be surfed behind safely because of the placement and direction of the propeller. Along with the innovative motor, several features were added to enhance the surfing experience.  

To start, the Cobalt Surf System is a revolutionary system meant to compete with some of the best surf competition boats in the industry without faulting the top-tier ride and design of a Cobalt boat. Their system features a Surf Gate system which has multiple hard ballast tanks to fill up to 2,350 lbs. of ballast making it a great addition for active, water sports enthusiasts.  

Cobalt offers four Surf Class Boats. The Cobalt Surf system is only available on the R Series models. The CS Series surf boat is equipped with the Truwave system. This was the first surf system introduced to any Cobalt boat and it creates a simple and fun surf wave.   

The Surf Class Cobalt Boats are:   

  • CS23 Surf  
  • R4 Surf  
  • R6 Surf  
  • R8 Surf  

Every boat in the Cobalt Surf Class incorporates the surf functions into unmatched construction. These boats are offered in different sizes to fit you and your family’s needs for hours on the water. Enjoy the comfort and premium design of one of these unique surf boats.  

Outboard Class  

The final class of boats offered by Cobalt Boats is the Outboard Class. All boats that fall into this class have outboard motors rather than I/O’s like the other two classes of Cobalt boats. This class has been strategically designed to offer the best ride and experience of an outboard boat. Read more about the benefits of a Cobalt with an outboard here. 

These boats have several advantages such as saltwater durability and quick-to-plane efficiency along with the premium features that make every ride on a Cobalt extraordinary. With the ability to have single, twin, or triple motors, these boats can carry a large amount of horsepower to move quickly across the water.   

The Outboard class only offers one series of Cobalts. That one series is the R series. With a large range of sizes, you can get a 24-foot outboard to a 35-foot outboard. 

The Outboard Class Cobalt Boats are:  

  • R4  
  • R6  
  • R8  
  • 30SC  
  • R33
  • R35 

Each outboard boat is built with attention to detail, a Dual Garmin Glass touchscreen cockpit, and the easy-entry Swim Step. These boats are crafted to accentuate single, twin, or triple with the top-tier interior and exterior of the boat that creates this luxury boat.   

The Cobalt Fleet  

Cobalt has a boat to fit you and your family’s needs for hours on end this summer. Whether you’re looking for a boat to cruise around your inland lake on, triple motors on the back of a 35-foot boat, or a cross of a luxury bowrider and a surf boat, there’s a Cobalt that is right for you.   

Throughout the fleet of Cobalt boats offered, you can find consistency in design, innovative technology, and premium features. To check out one of these classes of boats in person, contact your local Action Water Sports.   

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