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Cobalt offers three classes of boats to choose from that all encapsulate the luxury and premium design that Cobalt is known for. While each Cobalt class is unique, we’re going to focus on the outboard class in this article. 

The outboard class is defined by the outboard motor that can be found on every one of these boats. Cobalt offers these motors only within this class because of the redesigned boat to accentuate the construction and design. 

Built with the highest-class technology and designs, these boats are for those always seeking luxury on the water. With the top-tier performance of the outboard motors, these Cobalt boats offer the smoothest rides in the industry. 

The Cobalt Outboard class has several factors that differentiate them from the other classes. Though, before we get into the nitty-gritty details of this class of boats, let’s take a step back and understand what makes an outboard boat. 

What is an Outboard? 

Simply put, an outboard boat features a motor on the exterior of the boat rather than built into the hull. For instance, the other Cobalt classes feature sterndrive motors that are positioned at the stern on the transom. Many fishing boats, pontoons, and coastal boats feature outboard motors.  

There are several reasons you may choose an outboard motor rather than a sterndrive. Let’s discuss some of the specifications that differentiate an outboard from a sterndrive. 

Maintenance on an Outboard vs Sterndrive or Inboard 

One benefit to choosing an outboard motor is that they are easier to service than a sterndrive or inboard motor. This is because they are located on the exterior of the boat rather than inside of a compartment.  

This makes any kind of service and maintenance easier than it would be on a sterndrive or an inboard motor. An outboard motor has a hood that covers the motor and is easily removable to access the interior components of the motor. This unique construction makes service and repair operations on the motor an easy job.  

What is The Performance of an Outboard Motor? 

The outboards you will find available on any of these boats will be a high-powered motor ranging from 250 HP to 600 HP. Depending on what size boat you choose for you and your family, you may have the option to have twin or triple outboard motors as well. 

The benefit of equipping your boat with more power via the number of motors is that you will increase your overall speed as well as how quickly your boat gets up to speed. No matter whether you have one, two, or three outboards on your Cobalt, this innovative design will quickly get your boat on a plane. 

The advantage of quickly getting on a plane is that it creates a smooth and comfortable ride from the second you take off to the time you slow your boat. Because of this, these outboard boats are known for their high-end performance and luxury ride. 

Another feature that enhances the performance of an outboard motor is that these motors can be trimmed fully up and down. When storing the boat in the water, this is a great feature to get the motor and all its components out of the water completely. This will help to keep the motor in great shape for years to come. 

What is The Cost of an Outboard? 

Compared to a sterndrive, the price of an outboard is comparable. You won’t notice a big difference in the pricing between the two motor types. Though, when you start adding twin or triple outboards to a boat, the price will increase.  

Each motor is priced alone. As you increase the horsepower for your particular Cobalt, you will notice a price increase. The same is true for the increase in price as you increase the number of motors on your boat.  

The starting price of a Cobalt Outboard is $123,900 or $949/month. Remember, with options, select features, and different size motors, this price will increase. Be sure to contact your local Action Water Sports for more information regarding pricing.  

The Cobalt Outboard Class 

Specific to the Cobalt Outboard Class, these boats are crafted to deliver the most luxurious ride no matter the conditions. These boats are meant to deliver high performance in small inland lakes found in West Michigan while also beating the competition in harsher environments such as the big lakes or the Ocean.  

The goal of this class was to encompass an outboard motor while maintaining the smooth and quiet ride known across the Cobalt brand. All while carrying modern designs and innovative technology across every aspect of the boat. 

Within this class of Cobalt boats, there are six models available. 

The Cobalt R4, R6, and R8 Outboard 

With lengths ranging from 24 feet to 28 feet, these boats provide a premium experience on a lake, river, or saltwater. Considering the size of this boat, it is great for families on smaller to medium size waterways that would be interested in trailering and transporting their own boat. 

These boats feature a sport tower with sunshade, the Volvo Penta Glass Cockpit System, Fresco Chil Vinyl, along with other innovative features. These outboard boats are a great option for families seeking luxury on the water while sticking with a manageable-size boat. 

The Cobalt R33, R35, and 30SC Outboard

These outboard Cobalts are all over 25 feet in length. The size of these large vessels makes them the perfect fit for larger bodies of water. Along with the enhanced length of the boat, the beam (width), is also larger to enhance the ride of this boat. The beam length is specific to the model. 

As a result of the larger beam on these boats, they are not the easiest to trailer. These boats are a great option to leave in a slip during the boating season. 

With enhanced features on these big boats, they are perfect for long days out on Lake Michigan. The R33 and R35 have features such as the upgraded Volvo Penta Glass Cockpit Screens, Seakeeper, and other high-end components. Along with the standard features found throughout the Cobalt boats, the R33, R35, and 30SC are the largest of the outboard class. 

Is a Cobalt Outboard Right For You? 

Now, it’s time to decide if a Cobalt Outboard is right for you and your family. These are a premium option for those looking for a comfortable, luxurious ride on some of the bigger waterways. The outboard motors perform well in a variety of environments making them a high-value option.   

The luxury performance of the outboard motors coupled with the Cobalt designs makes these boats perfect for any adventure. It’s time to decide if a Cobalt Outboard is the boat for you.  


*240 months, 8.99% and 20% down with approved credit. Terms may vary. While great effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the information on this site, errors do occur so please verify information with your local Action Water Sports.