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Learn about Annual Service and why it’s so important here.

Not everyone must endure a cold and snowy winter. Those who live in warmer regions don’t have to worry so much about storing their boat through the winter. While this is great, it’s easy to forget about annual service since you have no reason to pull your boat out of the water throughout the year. 

This is your reminder to schedule annual service for your boat. It doesn’t matter what time of year you choose to get this done. Time moves fast and before you know it, years could pass, and no annual service has been done on your boat.  

While your boat is in our service center for annual service, there are a few services you can expect. Keep reading to learn all about the annual service work that keeps your boat in great shape.  

Why is Annual Service Needed? 

There are several reasons you should keep up with your boats service work. Some quick reasons are for safety, reliability, longevity, maximum performance, and maintaining resale value. 

Safety and Reliability 

Safety should always be the number one priority. Boating is a fun way to spend your free time but it’s crucial that safety precautions are taken. Part of that is ensuring your boat is up to date on any service work.  

Maximize the Lifespan and Performance 

Maintaining consistent service on your boat will ensure many years of enjoying the boat. You’ll be able to relax on the water knowing that your boat is performing as it did the day you bought the boat.  

Maintain Resale Value 

Another major reason you should keep up with your boat’s annual service is to maintain the resale value of your boat. For whatever reason that you decide it’s time to sell your boat, if you’ve kept up with the service work, your boat will be worth a lot more than if you had neglected service.  

What Service is Done at an Annual Service Appointment? 

There are several processes that are checked during an annual service appointment at Action Water Sports. We want to ensure that your boat is ready to go for the next year. Which is why we follow a detailed list to take care of your boat.  

Engine Maintenance 

First, we check over several spots on your engine. We will inspect, service, and replace any parts that need to be replaced. This will keep your engine up to date and running smoothly. 

Complete Hull Inspection 

While your boat is in our service center, we’ll look over your hull and make sure it looks just as good as the day you bought it. And, if there is anything that looks off on your hull, we’ll get it taken care of, so it doesn’t cause any issues in the future.  

Oil Change 

Oil changes are important to keep your engine running smoothly and performing correctly. Depending on how much you use your boat, you may need an oil change more than once a year. If you aren’t sure how often you should have an oil change done on your boat, ask your local Action Water Sports.  

Impeller Replacements 

Just like an oil change, your impeller needs to be changed every 1-2 years. This depends on the type of boat you have and how much you use your boat. Talk to your service writer to ask how often your boat needs an impeller change.  

Propulsion System Inspection 

Another point that is inspected during annual service is the propulsion system. This includes the lower unit, propeller, and other propulsion components in your motor.  

Trailer Maintenance 

If you own a trailer for your boat, we’ll inspect that as well while your boat is in for service. One thing about boat trailers is that they often have wiring issues because they are submerged while launching and picking up a boat. Before you pick your boat up, we’ll make sure your brakes, lights, and bunks are working as they should be. 

Schedule Your Annual Appointment 

After looking over this list of services, it’s important to schedule your annual service. To get on our schedule today, give us a call and we’ll get an appointment set up. We’ll get your boat serviced and you back on the water in no time.  

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