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Thank you for choosing Action Water Sports to care for your boat! Whether you’re a first-time boat owner or a seasoned vet, we’ve detailed all the steps you need to take to make sure you’re ready for Fall service!

To bring your boat in, you can either drop it off yourself or request a pick-up. You may be able to schedule your fall service ahead of time depending on your location. And no matter what Action Water Sports location you choose, you will always be helped by our award-winning 5 Star Certified service department.

Five steps you need to take to get your boat ready boat for Fall:

Step 1: Call ahead for preferred pickup or drop-off times

We service hundreds of boats each season, so be sure to schedule your appointment ahead of time.

We offer the hassle-free service of picking up your boat from your dock or driveway so you don’t have to lift a finger. Or you may schedule a time to trailer your own boat and drop it off at our location. Whichever is more convenient for you!

Step 2: Winterization

Winterizing your boat is crucial to protect it from the harsh conditions of cold weather, freezing temperatures, and ice formation. Without proper winterization, the water left in the engine and plumbing can cause costly damages. Proper care extends the life of your boat which equals more time on the water

Step 3: Schedule routine maintenance and upgrades

Fall is the best time of the year to do routine maintenance on your boat or get a few upgrades. Some of our most popular upgrades include adding onboard heating systems, underwater lights, speakers, and cruise control.

Step 4: Arrange for winter storage

Indoor winter storage is available at all three Michigan locations. Please inquire at your local AWS for more information, or call your local storage contact to ensure you have a spot.

★ Step 5: Schedule Dock and Lift Removal

Make sure to plan ahead and beat the fall rush by contacting your local dock and lift removal service as soon as possible.

Here’s what our fall service includes:

Inspection and software updates

Our Fall service is more than just a standard winterization. Upon arrival, our 5-star certified technicians do a thorough 40-point inspection on your boat to get a baseline for its current condition. From there, we install all recommended software updates and service bulletins from the manufacturer. Our goal is to keep your boat in top running condition at all times.

Freeze protection

Next, we apply an anti-corrosive, marine-grade antifreeze, stabilize your fuel, and winterize any ballast systems. This service is necessary for freeze protection over the winter.


We take care of any upgrades that you’d like to have ready for next season. Some common upgrades include adding underwater lighting, heating, sound systems, and cruise control. When scheduling your fall service appointment, be sure to make note of any upgrades you’d like to do this offseason that way you won’t have to miss any days on the water during boating season.

Wash and vacuum

Next up, we give your boat a thorough wash and vacuum to make sure stains, debris, and mildew are gone for the winter.


Lastly, we place your boat in our secure indoor storage facility or return your boat back to you for self-storage.

In summary, our priorities revolve around protecting your boat from freezing temperatures and harsh outdoor elements during the offseason. By taking these preventative measures, you will get back on the water the following spring in no time.

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