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Cobalt’s receive some of the highest praise from owners around the world. This is due to the unmatched quality and design on every boat. You will immediately notice the attention to detail no matter which model or series you step foot in. 

Spending time on a Cobalt is a great way to enjoy time on the water in a comfortable and elegant boat. For those wanting a luxury experience all while spending quality time with friends and family, a Cobalt is the ultimate option for a bowrider. 

Since these are the highest-end bowriders you will find around, understanding the price can be a bit confusing. That is why we’re here! We’re going to help you understand the prices and why there is variation between boats.  

Keep reading or click on the video to learn more about what goes into the price of the boat and what factors can alter the price. For the best and most accurate information about pricing, be sure to contact your local Action Water Sports.  

What is MSRP?  

First, it’s important to understand the term MSRP, or Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price. Every boat comes with MSRP pricing based on what the manufacturer determines the boat is worth. Though, it’s not uncommon to pay a little less than MSRP on a boat.  

Here at Action Water Sports, we often run promotions throughout the year to get you the best deal on a Cobalt. Check out our website or stop in your local Action Water Sports for the most accurate pricing related to MSRP. 

What Factors Determine the Price of Cobalt?  

There are several factors that will determine the price of a Cobalt. Some of the factors that will cause prices to vary from the starting price include- 

  • Class 
  • Series 
  • Floorplan 
  • Engine 
  • Options and Upgrades 

Each of these factors can alter the overall price of the boat. Depending on what you want to use your boat for and what features you want will determine the final cost. 

The Cobalt Classes and Series 

Cobalt’s are divided into three different classes of boats based on the kind of motor they are built with. These different classes are the sterndrive class, surf class, and outboard class. The three classes provide versatility and specializations for different kinds of boating.  

[Check out a detailed description of the Cobalt Classes and Series here: – Action Water Sports The Cobalt Boats Series Explained] 

The Sterndrive Class 

 The sterndrive class has the traditional stern-facing propeller with an Inboard/Outboard motor. The sterndrive class is the most versatile Cobalt class in terms of designs. This Class contains all 3 Series that are available on Cobalt’s. These 3 Series are the CS Series, R Series, and A Series.  

CS Series

Starting at a price of $81,900 or $629/month*, this is your entry into the Cobalt lifestyle. These boats are great for inland lakes and people who want a premium boat without needing a larger, deeper boat. 

R Series

The R Series has a starting price of $124,900 or $959/month*. As the core series of Cobalts lineup of luxury boats, this boat is loaded with innovative technology and unique designs. 

A Series

The A Series is the premium line of Cobalt boats with yacht-like features throughout the entire boat. The A series has a starting price of $210,900 or $1,609/month* to reflect the ultimate luxury that will be found on this boat. 

The Surf Class 

The next class of Cobalt’s are the Surf Class boats. The Surf Class has an inboard/outboard motor in it, though, the propeller is reversed to make it safe for surfing thanks to Volvo Penta’s Forward Drive system. The prop faces the bow in this model to keep it safe. This is the only class of Cobalts that are safe for surfing.  

The Surf Class has a CS Series model and several R series models available.  This class has a total of four different models to choose from. The starting price of a Surf Class Cobalt is $136,900 or $1,045/month* 

The Outboard Class 

And finally, we’re to the outboard class. Some people would consider these boats their favorite for their sporty performance, easy access for maintenance, and increased storage capacity. The outboard class encompasses the high-end designs and innovations that Cobalt is known globally for. 

The Outboard Class is available only in the R series. The starting price of an Outboard Cobalt is $116,900 or $899/month*. If you’re boating on the big lakes or in saltwater, an outboard Cobalt is worth checking out.  

Does the Motor Change the Price? 

Different motors can fall into a wide range of prices. Sterndrive to outboard motors can offer a difference in prices. A good rule of thumb to follow when learning about the differences in motor prices is to understand horsepower. The bigger the horsepower, the more speed and torque you will get out of it. This is especially true when it comes to outboard motors. 

Sterndrive motors are typically only available in a single horsepower due to the specialization of these motors. Outboards are more variable when it comes to horsepower. Some Cobalts even allow for twin or triple motors instead of a single motor.  

As you add higher horsepower motors or twin and triple motors to your boat, the price will ultimately increase. For a better understanding of the cost associated with motors, contact your local Action Water Sports. 

Do Options and Upgrades Change the Total Price?  

Cobalts have a plethora of options and upgrades available for you to choose from. These options and upgrades allow you to customize your boat to be exactly what you have dreamed of. Some of the available options make your boat better suited for watersports, saltwater boating, or other specialized boating. 

Options vary dependent on the class and series of the boat. Not every Cobalt will have the same options because of the size of the boat, series, class, and other reasons as well. As you add options and upgrades to your boat, the price will often increase. Discuss these additions with your local Action Water Sports to have a clear understanding of what they will do to the overall price of your boat. 

Which Cobalt is Right for You? 

Cobalt’s are a great option for many families who enjoy spending time on the water. With the versatility found with all the available boats, you’ll likely find one that is perfect.  

Spend some time enjoying the water this summer on a Cobalt. These luxury boats are great for day trips out on Lake Michigan. No matter where you’re boating out on the lakes in Michigan, you can enjoy some time on the water in the most sought-after brand of bowriders around.  

*Excludes used and brokerage boats. Prices, product specifications, and all other information shown on this website are for information purposes only and are subject to change at any time without obligation. 240 months, 8.99% APR and 20% down.   

*With approved credit. Terms may vary. Tax, Title, and Registration included in prices shown and must be paid by the purchaser*. While great effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the information on this site, errors do occur so please verify information with your local Action Water Sports. 

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