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5 Innovative Features of Barletta Pontoons

If you’ve been searching for an exciting new way to hit the water, look no further than Barletta Pontoon Boats. A new face in the pontoon market, Barletta takes a blank slate approach to all its boats while delivering luxury and quality. This approach allows them to innovate and push the boundaries of the pontoon industry.

A quick history

After 30 years of success in the RV industry, avid boater Bill Fenech decided the time was right to dive into the pontoon world. Previously, his customer-focused business model propelled Grand Design RV to great heights. Now, he has applied the same model to Barletta pontoons. In 2017, Barletta Boat Company was founded, and a new and exciting take on pontoons was created. To this day, Barletta continues to drive the standard in the luxury pontoon market. You can learn more about each series from Barletta here.

Here are our top five standard features found on every Barletta:

    Barletta’s Vibration Isolation Pads (VIP) act as dampeners between the trusses of every pontoon. Other pontoon manufacturers have metal-on-metal construction. Barletta’s VIP Technology reduces any vibration caused by turbulent water, creating a rattle-free ride every time, on every pontoon.
    Every Barletta pontoon comes standard with a power bimini. With a simple flick of a switch, you can be riding in the sun or shade. No clumsy brackets or snaps; just flick the switch, and the power bimini does the work for you.
    Barletta Pontoon Boats knows how important it is to have cupholders on a boat, so they conveniently placed their signature Yeti-Ready cupholders throughout their boats. The largest and deepest cup holders in the market, each one is designed to hold 20 and 30-oz tumblers securely.
    A simple detail makes all the difference. The extended helm provides ample amounts of legroom for even the tallest of captains. Gone are the days of knocking your knees on a captain’s console in a Barletta.
    A must-have for any boater who has a crew of furry friends along for the ride. The retractable doggy dish is equipped with space for food and water and stows away neatly under the helm.

Luxury at every class

Barletta pontoons have made a serious splash over the past few years to become the fastest-growing pontoon brand on the market. Currently, Barletta pontoons are available in three classes: AriaCabrio, Corsa, and Lusso. The Aria Series is everything you love about a Barletta, all at an affordable price point. The Cabrio takes it up a notch with a more premium trim level, yet still trying to be price conscious. Barletta’s Corsa offers customers more options and a sporty aesthetic when it comes to their day on the water. Lastly, the Lusso is the gold standard when it comes to luxury and comfort on the water.


If you have any more questions about the Barletta lineup, head over to your local Action Water Sports or give us a call. We’re always happy to help.

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