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The MasterCraft SurfStar Difference

In today’s inboard market, you’ll see that every competitive inboard manufacturer offers a surf system. With so many manufacturers touting that their system serves up the best wave on the market, you must be wondering how different are they?

Every manufacturer’s surf system regularly upgrades its software, ballast systems, surf devices, hardware, and engine technology, making wake-specific boats better each year. It’s hard to sort through what’s most important. So instead of saying what makes MasterCraft’s SurfSurf System better, we wanted to focus on what makes it different from anything else on the market. Here are five differences that might just make the MasterCraft SurfStar System the perfect fit for you and your family.

Building a Foundation
As you browse through the inboard market, you’ll notice each manufacturer offers various models. Some models are built for skiing, some for wakeboarding, others for surfing, and some models even blend all of the above. This variety of water sports activities calls for a variety of hull designs. This is where MasterCraft separates itself from the competition. Instead of designing a one-size-fits-all surf system, each SurfStar System is custom designed for the boat it is paired with. Why does this matter? This ensures that no matter what model MasterCraft you’re behind, you have a surf system that will squeeze out every ounce of performance available to that specific hull.

Asymmetrical Tabs
In the past, inboard towboats tended to produce a solid surf wave on one side and a lesser surf wave on the other side. The clockwise rotation of most inboards caused the portside wave to crumble and lose shape, while the starboard side would remain constant. The major contributing factor to this issue was the turbulence created by the prop wash. So MasterCraft placed the tabs on the SurfStar System asymmetrical to one another to resolve this issue. In other words, the tab on the port side is different than the tab on the starboard side. This asymmetrical design eliminates the turbulence produced by the prop, allowing both sides of the surf wave to perform equally well. To this day, MasterCraft is the only company to have a solution to this problem.

Surfs at Lower RPMs
If fuel economy and engine longevity are important to you, then you’ll want to listen in to difference number three. As you browse through the market, you’ll quickly notice the two types of surf systems; either they deploy horizontally or vertically. First, let’s focus on the systems that deploy horizontally. While this is one way to produce a surf wave, it also creates an immense amount of drag on the boat. This excess drag increases your RPMs, placing unneeded stress on your engine. Since the SurfStar System deploys tabs vertically—causing the boat to list—drag is reduced by up to 15%. Less drag means less wear and tear on your engine. Using a vertically deployed tab system also decreases your fuel consumption by up to 10% when compared to the competition.

Switchback Ballast Tank
Now let’s step it up a notch. An industry first, MasterCraft’s Switchback Ballast Tank—standard on the X22, X24 and XStar—ensures crisp surf waves, no matter how your crew is positioned throughout the boat. Its perpendicular orientation rapidly moves water from port to starboard—and back again—ensuring that the appropriate amount of ballast is positioned on the surfer’s side of the boat. Boats with the Switchback Ballast Tank serve up bigger, longer, and cleaner waves with the largest surfable sweet spot in the industry—period. There’s simply not another surf wave like this behind a towboat.

FastFill Ballast Tanks
Finally, if you’re looking to add a cherry on top of your SurfStar System, look no further than MasterCraft’s Fast Fill Ballast System. Available on XT and X Series models, MasterCraft‘s patent-pending ballast system eliminates the downtime between riders of different skill levels and disciplines. MasterCraft‘s FastFill Pumps are almost 300% faster than anything on the market. In fact, ballast systems exceeding 4,200 lbs can be filled or emptied within 4 minutes.

As you can see, MasterCraft’s SurfStar System offers quite a few unique features that separate it from the rest of the competition. Building upon the award-winning Gen 2 Surf System, SurfStar takes wave customization to a whole new level. If you have any more questions about MasterCraft’s SurfStar System, head over to your local Action Water Sports or give us a call, we’re always happy to help.