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Check out this article to learn more about what separates two of Crests Series, the Classic Series and the Caribbean Series.

Crest Pontoons are Michigan-built pontoons that reign superior with high-quality construction. With a lineup of four different series, there is a boat to fit every family. However, for this article, we’re going to compare two of the Crest Series, the Classic Series versus the Caribbean Series.  

Both the Classic and Caribbean Series are built with the Crest standards. Standards that make these boats stand out amongst the competition. For example, the strong construction and powder-coated rails enhance the durability and quality of these boats.  

Since both boats are built with premium construction and quality, what makes them different? That’s the question that we’re here to answer. Keep reading or click the video below to learn what differentiates these two series of Crest Pontoons.  

Classic Series 

First, let’s discuss the Classic Series. This boat was built to promote quality and standards without adding many bells and whistles. The purpose of keeping this boat simpler is to reduce the price and make it more attainable for many families.  

The Classic Series is available in 3 different sizes in both a pontoon and tritoon. These boats are available in 20-foot, 22-foot, and 24-foot options. With several size options, you’re able to equip your boat with a motor ranging in size from 25 HP to 250 HP.  

Standard Features 

Some standards that stand out on the Classic Series include the aluminum seat bases, 4 speakers, and Hook 5 Fish Finder. These features are unique to the Classic series. With these standard features and premium construction, you will find everything you need to enjoy a day of fun on the water. 

Options and Upgrades 

If the Classic Series sounds like the right boat for you and your family but it lacks a few features that you can’t live without, no need to fear. There are several options and upgrades available to customize your boat with. 

These features include a bow bimini for additional shade. Or you can upgrade your standard bimini to a power bimini for ease of use. Along with these, you’re able to add a windshield, Simrad, and ski-tow bar. 

These features allow you to customize your boat with features that enhance your time on the water. Along with these additional features, you’re also able to choose the interior and exterior colors of your Classic Pontoon.  

Caribbean Series 

The Caribbean Series is an upgrade in luxury from the Classic Series. This boat will feature several more luxurious features to enhance your time out on the water in addition to an upgraded design on the exterior. You can also equip these boats with larger motors for those looking for more power. The Caribbean Series accomplishes all this without raising the price to the extremes. 

The Caribbean Series is available in two lengths in both a pontoon and a tritoon. These boats are available in 23-foot or 25-foot lengths. Since these boats are a little larger than the Classic Series, you can equip them with larger motors. You can build a Caribbean with a motor of 25 HP to 400 HP. 

Standard Features 

This series promotes premium boating with flawless detail. The standard features aid in accomplishing this premium series of pontoons. Some unique standards that are found on the Caribbean Series include fiberglass seat bases, 6 speakers, a raised helm, and a Simrad. 

Along with those innovative features, the Caribbean Series also features a power bimini, Revo ladder, RGB cupholders, and a ski-tow bar. These luxurious features enhance your time on the water. 

Options and Upgrades 

Not only does the Caribbean Series come standard with premium features, but you’re also able to add options. Some of these options include an Arch tower and a customizable mid-ship. Choose from a changing room, 3 drawer storage, entertainment table, or doggie drawer combo for the mid-ship of your Caribbean Series boat. 

Along with options, you’re able to pick the interior and exterior colors of your boat. Additionally, on the RS and Platinum boats within this series, you can choose between a white or black fiberglass accent.  

Pricing Differences 

Now that you know what features and styles make these two Crest Series different, it’s time to check out the price differences. The Classic Series starts at a price of $44,900 or $389/month. The Caribbean Series starts at a price of $79,900 or $612/month. 

Which Series is Right for You? 

Choosing the right boat for you and your family has never been easier. With the information to help you decide, now it’s time to check out the boats for yourself. Give your local Action Water Sports a call to learn more about Crest pontoons and to stop in to see them for yourself.  

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