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Luxury appeal meets cutting-edge engineering. High-power performance meets first-class design. Michigan manufacturing meets thought-out design. Since 1957, Crest has always been a pioneer in the pontoon industry. And because of their long history, specifically with innovation, you’re bound to experience quality, safety, style, and comfort, no matter the trim level.

In the luxury pontoon industry, many pontoon manufacturers boast style and entertainment features, but what will last in the long run? What’s going to provide your family with all-day fun for years to come? Arguably, a pontoon that lasts. And at Crest, they pride themselves in not just being builders but boaters as well. What does that mean for you? A Michigan-made boat centered around unmatched manufacturing and long-lasting aesthetic design.

As for the details, we’ve outlined five things that set Crest Pontoons apart from the competition.

Four-Chamber Design

Think strength, durability, flotation, and safety—and that is Crest’s unique four-chamber design. Accidents can happen, and part of your tube could get damaged and begin to fill with water. Depending on the boat’s overall length, most pontoons will have two or three-chambered sections. If there’s an accident, half of your tube could fill with water which could make your boat too heavy to float. With a Crest, if there is damage in one area, only a fourth of the tube will fill with water, keeping you and your family safe. The four-chamber design comes standard on all Crest Pontoons, from the Classic to the Savannah and every series in between. Crest Pontoon tubes also feature a solid 5/8-inch extruded aluminum for protection, as well as the longest and thickest end caps and gauge nose cones on the market. When driving a Crest, consider yourself secure because no other brand matches these features.

Dual Splash Guards

Two is better than one, even when it comes to splash guards. Crest’s dual splash guards are precisely positioned on the nose cones of each Crest Pontoon. This double protection improves ride quality, virtually eliminates water spray, and provides added strength. Crest spares you the splash until you choose to take a dive.

Powder-Coated Rails

Say it with us—finished, coated, and protected aluminum is in. Unfinished, uncoated, and unprotected it out. Crest refuses to settle for bare metal, so they powder coat their fence rails. Overall, it creates a unique look, feel, and style centered around quality.

Quarter-Inch Thick Fencing

While other brands have much thinner fencing, Crest boats strong and more robust paneling, so when waves hit the pontoon’s aluminum siding there’s no damage. Don’t forget that Crest also uses full-height fence panels. Just another way Crest puts itself a notch higher than the competition.

Captain’s Cooled Cup Holder

A special luxury for captains, Crest’s cooled cup holder technology keeps drinks refrigerator-cold even on the hottest days. It’s large enough to fit a 20-ounce bottle and also accommodates a standard-size can. The best part? The bottom of the cupholder is precisely angled to keep bottles or cans in constant physical contact with the cooling element. The captain stays calm, and their cup stays cool.

Want to Know More?

We love to help! If you have questions about Crest Pontoons, please contact Action Water Sports of Fenton at (810) 629-1342 for more information, or you can check out our Crest inventory here. For any general boating questions, you can visit your local Action Water Sports dealer. We will see you on the water!

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