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Learn about which Crest pontoon is right for you and your family.

Discovering the right Crest pontoon for your family is a breeze with the diverse and innovative fleet crafted by Crest Pontoons. Boasting cutting-edge technology and durability, Crest Pontoons offers a range of pontoons, making it essential to pinpoint the perfect fit for your needs. 

With four distinct series – Classic, Caribbean, Savannah, and Continental, along with Electric options – Crest ensures there’s a boat for every family. To simplify the selection process, we’re here to guide you through each series, helping you make an informed choice on which boat suits you and your family best. 

Classic Series 

The Classic Series offered by Crest Pontoons are the traditional pontoons that everyone knows and loves. The Classic Series encompasses the designs and innovations of the Signature line. With countless customizations and fishing packages, these boats are the ultimate pontoon for many families. 

Classic Series boats are available in a range of sizes. You can find a Classic Series boat ranging in size from 20 ft. to 24 ft. Along with the availability of different-sized boats, you can get a boat with an outboard motor ranging from 25 HP to 250 HP.  

Depending on whether you choose the LX, DLX, or Platinum model within the Classic series will determine the exact standards and available options. Each is built to offer different amenities and options while still maintaining the Classic series standards. 

Standard Options 

The Classic Series boats come standard with several features that set these boats apart from the competition.  Throughout this series, you’ll find aluminum seat bases, 4 speakers, Captain’s Cooled Drink Holders, and the Hook-5 Fish Finder. 

These features coupled with the Crest standards make these the ultimate boat for those not needing all the bells and whistles. With high-quality construction and simple features, the Classic series is built to be the best-performing boat in this price segment. 

Options and Upgrades 

Like most boats on the market, you can upgrade or add features to your boat. This way you can customize it to be the ultimate boat for you and your family. There are several features you can upgrade your boat with. 

First, you’re able to customize the interior and exterior colors on the boat. Once you’ve figured out what color boat you want, it’s time to think about shade for those sunny days. You can upgrade your boat to include a bow bimini for increased shade. Or, you can upgrade your standard bimini to the power bimini to make it even more convenient to open and close the bimini. 

From there, you can move to the fun and exciting features. These include a windshield, Simrad, and ski tow bar. If any of these options make or break the boat for you, you can add them to your boat.  

Another feature that you can customize is the Mid-Ship area of your boat. You can upgrade to a changing room, 3-drawer storage, entertainment table, or doggie drawer combo. You can choose from any of these options to pick the right boat for you and your family.  

Price of a Classic 

Classic pontoons are the ultimate boat for families who want to enjoy countless hours on the water without sacrificing a huge chunk of money. Classic models start at $44,900 or $389/month*. 

You can typically find a Classic model ranging in price from $40,000 – $60,000. If this price range sounds like a good option for you and your family, it’s time to check out the Classic models.  

Caribbean Series 

The next step up in the Crest lineup is the Caribbean Series. This series features elevated boats for families that want some bells and whistles on their pontoon boats. The Caribbean Series falls within the Premium Line of boats to deliver a boat where every detail is flawlessly matched with the boat. 

The Caribbean Series is available in two sizes of boats. You can find a Caribbean boat in 23 ft. or 25 ft. Depending on the size of your crew, there’s a pontoon within this series that will fit you and your family. 

Along with the size of the boat, you can choose the horsepower as well. You can equip your Caribbean with a range of motors from 25 HP to 400 HP. With that wide range, there’s likely a horsepower size that is right for you and your family.  

Within the Caribbean Series, there are three models available. These are the LX, RS, and Platinum models. Each model will have slightly different standards and options to fit the aesthetic of the individual boat. 

Standard Features 

The Caribbean Series is known for several features that set this group of boats further on the luxury scale than the Classic Series. These features include the fiberglass seat bases to better match the boat, 6 speakers, a raised helm, Cooled Captain’s cupholders and Simrad.  

Along with these useful and differentiating features, the Caribbean Series also features a power bimini, Revo ladder, RGB cupholders, and a ski tow bar. These features are found on every Caribbean boat, regardless of model. 

Options and Upgrades 

There are several customizations available on all Caribbean Series boats. This way you can create the ultimate boat for you and your family. First, you’re able to choose the exterior and interior colors of your boat. To make it even more customizable, along with the standard panel and accent panel colors, you can choose between white or black fiberglass on the RS and Platinum models.  

Some unique customizations are available for the Caribbean series you can add an arch tower or a powered bow bimini. If either of these are necessary for you and your family, be sure to add them to your Caribbean.  

As for the Mid-Ship area of your boat, you’re able to choose the best option for you and your family. You can choose a changing room, 3-drawer storage, entertainment table, or doggie drawer combo. From these options, you can equip your boat with the best features. 

Price of a Caribbean 

Caribbeans are a step-up in luxury from the Classic series which is reflected in the price. To get the features and designs you love, you’ll want to be prepared to pay a little more. The Caribbean Series starts at a price of $81,900 or $630/month*.

Typically, we see people buying these boats within a range of $80,000 to $120,000 based on the exact model and customizations.  

Savannah and Continental Series 

Next, we have the ultra-luxury boats that were designed by Crest Pontoons to deliver the most premium experience on the water. This series falls under the Ultimate Luxury line of Crest Pontoon boats.  

These boats are built to stand out on the water no matter where you go. Each boat accomplishes a striking balance between functionality and elegance. No matter whether you choose a Savannah model or a Continental model, you will have the ultimate experience. 

These boats are available in two sizes. They come in a 25-foot model and a 27-foot model. With these large sized boats, you can fit all of your favorite people on the boat at the same time.  

As for horsepower, you can choose anything from 90 HP to 800 HP. Anything above 450 HP is going to be twin motors. For those who like to get from one side of the lake to the next in record time, the high horsepower is perfect for you.  

Standard Features 

Since these boats are the flagship models offered by Crest Pontoons, there are some differentiating factors from the other series. These include elegant designs and attention to detail in every aspect of the boat. Along with larger, more comfortable helms and a Garmin display, these boats are built to set the stage. 

You’ll also find RGB lighting in many interior features and under-toon lighting. For evening cruises, these lights are the perfect way to decorate your boat. The lighting coupled with the premium audio will make for the most memorable experience on these boats.  

This Series features other standards such as the Captain’s Cooled Drink Holder that keeps any drinks in these cupholders nice and chilled. You’ll also find in-floor storage, the Revo ladder, and a ski tow bar for your convenience. 

One standard that is specific to the Continental models is the dual windshield. This is perfect for families cruising at high speeds across the water. With this innovation, you’ll be protected from the wind, making it easier to see and navigate the water.  

Options and Upgrades 

These boats were crafted to deliver the most luxurious experience on the water without the options and upgrades. This means that options and upgrades aren’t necessarily needed to create the ultimate boat for you and your family.  

One popular option is the Ultra Arch. This adds to the look and feel of your boat with the lighting throughout this arch. Along with this arch, you can customize the Mid-Ship area of your boat. 

You can choose between a changing room, 3-drawer storage, entertainment table, or doggie combo drawer. Whichever of these options is best for your family can be added to your Savannah or Continental boat to enhance your experience.  

Another upgradable option is exterior lighting. If you want to show the entire lake your beautiful boat, regardless of what time of day it is, this is a great option. These lights will highlight the design and luxury of this boat.  

Price of a Savannah or Continental 

Since these boats are the pinnacle of luxury in the pontoon industry, they feature a higher price tag than the previous two series. These boats are built to deliver the most luxurious experience for endless hours. The Savannah and Continental Series starts at a price of $132,900 or $1,015/month*. 

We typically see families spending between $145,000 and $200,000 on these models of boat. If this number is in your budget and you want the most luxurious pontoon on the water, one of these boats is right for you. 

The Current 

The final Crest boat is the Current. This is the electric boat offered by Crest Pontoon as a clean alternative for boaters. This boat is built with the same quality and innovations found throughout the Crest lineup.  

The Current allows you to cruise your favorite waterways with less noise and utilize clean energy. This boat is available in a 20-foot option. The horsepower of the electric motor is 6 HP. This is perfect for those cruising and enjoying calm waters. 

Standard Features 

The Current features all the favorites that are found on all Crest pontoons along with a few unique features. You’ll find the soft and comfortable upholstery, wireless phone charger, Captain’s Cooled drink holder, and premium audio. 

Along with those great features, the Current also features a 48 Volt battery to power the electric motor. This boat also has a unique helm and dash to fit the design and aesthetic of the boat.  

Options and Upgrades 

The Current is built with a large number of standards to limit the number of options that are available. However, there are a few you can choose from.  

You can upgrade your Current to include a power bimini. This makes opening and closing your bimini effortless so you can enjoy your time on the water. The other upgradable option is a windscreen. As the captain, if you want extra protection from wind, this is a great option.  

Price of a Current 

The Current is the industry leader in eco-friendly alternatives to enjoying time on the water. The starting price of a Current is $52,900 or $405/month. This boat is an affordable option for a boat powered by clean energy.  

Which Crest is Right for You

Crest Pontoons are industry leaders for quality and innovation. Regardless of which boat you decide is right for you and your family, you can expect premium features. With four different series available in the Crest lineup, there’s a boat that’s perfect. 

The next step is to see these boats in person. You can get in and climb around the Crest pontoons at Action Water Sports in Fenton. Checking them out in person will guide you to decide on the perfect pontoon for you and your family. 

*Excludes used and brokerage boats. Prices, product specifications, and all other information shown on this website are for information purposes only and are subject to change at any time without obligation. 240 months, 8.99% APR and 20% down.   

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