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Pontoons can be described as the world’s most versatile boats. With features to accommodate all kinds of boaters, these boats have gained popularity. Since these boats are so versatile, they often offer a wide variety of motor sizes. 

The reason multiple motor sizes are offered for one boat is to fit the needs of each family’s lifestyle and preferences. Depending on factors such as length, activity, and budget will determine which motor is right for you. Let’s discuss how these factors will influence which motor is right for you and your family. 

Do You Want a Bitoon or a Tritoon? 

There are pontoons on the market today that are offered in both bitoon or tritoon options. Bitoon refers to a pontoon built with two toons. A tritoon pontoon is built with three toons to add flotation to the boat.  

Both are great options; it mainly depends on the activities you want to enjoy on your pontoon. If the majority of the time you’re slowly cruising with your friends and family enjoying the outdoors, a bitoon might be exactly what you need. If you plan on using your pontoon for everyone’s favorite watersports or using in more unpredictable waterways, a tritoon will likely be the best fit.  

A tritoon typically increases the person capacity of your boat, which makes them a great option for families who enjoy bringing guests along on the boat. These boats have a higher capacity because of the added flotation. 

Tritoon boats and bitoon boats have different motor compatibility limits. Bitoons are typically equipped with a motor size ranging from 50 HP to 200 HP. A tritoon can be equipped with any size motor up to 450 HP.  

What Length Pontoon? 

The next question you need to figure out is what length of pontoon is right for you and your family. The length of the boat will also determine what motor options are available. You can find pontoons of many different lengths. At Action Water Sports, you’ll find pontoons ranging in length from 20 – 25 ft.  

Smaller pontoons are only able to be built with smaller motors, like 150 – 200 HP engine. The larger the boat, the bigger the motor you can equip your boat with.  

What Activities Will You Use Your Pontoon For? 

Some people use their pontoon strictly for cruising with friends and family. Others want to enjoy water sports such as waterskiing, wakeboarding, and tubing. Some families prefer to fish while on their pontoon. 

Each of these activities will need a different horsepower motor for the individual families to enjoy their time on the water. A family who plans on cruising won’t need a high-horsepower motor whereas those who want to participate in watersports will need a more powerful motor.  

For those who want to enjoy watersports behind their pontoon, you’ll want to opt for a motor of 150 HP or higher. These motors tend to perform well for watersports. For cruising and fishing, you could likely get away with a motor smaller than 150 HP. 

How Much Do Motors Cost? 

The price of motors varies a lot based on the size and brand of the motor. Different outboard motor companies will price their motors differently based on their own make. However, the biggest range in price comes from the horsepower. For example, at Action Water Sports, we partner with Mercury. A motor from Mercury will range anywhere between $10,000 – $60,000.  

Another factor that will influence the cost of motors is how many you equip your pontoon with. Some larger pontoons can be equipped with two motors for an added amount of power. This will double the overall cost of the motors. 

Find the Right Motor 

These factors above will influence which size of motor is right for you and your family. Pontoons are the most versatile boats meaning you can customize them with what you like. A motor is part of that customization.  

For more questions about what motor size is right for you, contact your local Action Water Sports. We’re here to help you choose the right motor for your dream boat.