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In the exciting world of water sports, many boat brands are competing to be the best, yet one remains the top brand, MasterCraft. As a leader in the world of wake boats, MasterCraft continuously introduces new innovations and designs to deliver a luxury experience regardless of the series. The NXT series falls nothing short of the overall luxury and quality of all the MasterCraft boats.  

The NXT series combines cutting-edge designs, innovative engineering, and features to deliver the ultimate watersports experience while maintaining an affordable price. Whether driving the boat or riding the wave, you will notice the unmatched MasterCraft features.  

In this article and video, we’re going to dive into what makes the NXT series special and to help you understand if this is the right boat for you and your family.


Construction and Design 

The MasterCraft NXT series features five models that range in length from 20 feet to 24 foot. Each is built with an Ilmor 6.0L MPI motor which produces the highest performance. Regardless of which NXT boat you decide is right for your family, you’ll be receiving top quality construction.. 

As part of the MasterCraft lineup, the NXT series features innovative construction that allows these boats to deliver the best performance. No matter which MasterCraft boat you’re on, you’ll enjoy the best quality in the industry. 


Let’s discuss the features that make this boat stand out against the competition. Built with several standards and available customizations, you can make your NXT boat the perfect dream boat for you and your family.  

Standard Features

Options and Upgrades


The NXT series was crafted to deliver the ultimate MasterCraft experience while maintaining an appealing price. That is exactly what MasterCraft has accomplished with this series. With all the standard features that make this boat  special, these boats start at a price of $119,900 or $915/month*. 

We typically see families spending somewhere in the range of $125,000 and $160,0000 for an NXT Series boat. Stop by your local Action Water Sports for more pricing information on the NXT series.  

Enjoy Your NXT  

Now that you have learned what makes the NXT series so special, it’s time to decide whether this is the boat for you. If this isn’t the boat for you, no need to fear as MasterCraft has a fleet of the highest-quality towboats in the industry. To find your favorite NXT boat, stop by your local Action Water Sports to check out our inventory and talk with our expert staff.  

*Prices, product specifications, and all other information shown on this website are for information purposes only and are subject to change at any time without obligation. 240 months, 8.99% APR and 20% down.   

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