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MasterCraft boats feature some of the most award-winning surf and wake boats in the industry. Over the last 55 years, MasterCraft has been perfecting their designs, introducing new technology, and building boats that will not only outperform your expectations, but they will also catch your eye on the water. 

MasterCraft’s line-up features five families of boats. The five families are identified through different series giving you and your family a boat that fits every lifestyle and preference. 

Though there are significant differences between the series, there are some similarities across all MasterCraft models. Each boat is built to maintain the legacy, power, precision, and progression that pushes MasterCraft ahead of the competition 

To follow this philosophy, every boat is built with the best marine materials. From the gel coat to underwater gear to sophisticated surf systems, every series has the best-in-class quality. The same goes for top-level performance like the Ilmor engine found on every boat or Klipsch Audio providing the best quality sound, both exclusive to MasterCraft. 

And finally, the industry leading warranty is standard across all MasterCrafts. Every boat is backed by a 5-year bow-to-stern warranty and a 7-year (or 1,000 hour) warranty on the engine. This industry-leading warranty makes every MasterCraft a high-standard for a boat. 

Though these similarities are important to acknowledge, it’s time to get into what separates these five series of boats. 

NXT Series 

First, we have the NXT series. The NXT series is a great option for families wanting to enjoy top-level surf technology at an affordable price. With five models between 20’ and 24’, there’s a length an option that fits your style.  

Standard Features

Options and Upgrades

Is the NXT Series For Me? 

The NXT is a great option for families looking for high quality and comfort without needed the premium features that are found on other MasterCraft boats. At a great price point, the NXT series has a variety of customizable boats that could fit you and your family. The NXT series starts at a price of $119,00 or $915/month*.

If these standards and available upgrades aren’t enough for you, consider upgrading to the next MasterCraft series – The XT Series.  

XT Series 

The next series is the XT series. These are the multisport, versatile boats that are great for all watersports. With a large variety of customizations available, you are able to create the dream boat for you and your family. The XT series is available in lengths from 20’ to 25’. 

Standard Features

Options and Upgrades

Is the XT Series For Me? 

The XT Series covers a wide range of lifestyles. As the crossover boat in the MasterCraft lineup, this boat can be the best choice for many different families. With elevated features and technology, this boat moves up in the trim levels offered by MasterCraft boats. The XT series starts at a price of $157,900 or $1,210/month*.

From these options, you’re able to make your XT series MasterCraft your perfect boat. And if these options aren’t enough for you, MasterCraft has the premium line of boats: the X series. 

X Series 

The X series is built to be “Luxury that Rips” according to MasterCraft. And that is exactly what they are. The X series of boats are crafted with the best performance, luxury, and technology. This is the ultimate boat for families looking for luxury and performance. With options of 22’ to 26’, there’s a boat to fit everyone.  

Standard Features

Options and Upgrades

Is the X Series For Me? 

The X series is for those seeking luxury in every aspect of their boat. From the design to the features and available upgrades, the X series is the ultimate surf boat. The X series will stand out wherever you decide to boat. The X series starts at a price of $226,900 or $1,730/month*.

If this boat isn’t enough for you, check out MasterCrafts flagship series – the X Star S.

X Star S Series 

The flagship model of the MasterCraft boats is the X Star S. With the premier designs, technology, and innovations as standards, this boat is built to stand out on the water. With only one model available, customizations are kept to a minimum as this boat is built with the greatest technology available.  

Standard Features

Options and Upgrades

Is the X Star S Series for Me?

If you are looking for the most luxurious MasterCraft on the market, the X Star S Series if for you and your family. This flagship boat is built with the most standards and available upgrades making it perfect for long hours on the water. This boat is the ultimate wakesurf boat and will stand out anywhere on the water.

The X Star S series starts at a price of $254,900 or $1,950/month*.

ProStar Series

The world-renowned ski boat that has been skiers favorite for years continues to impress waterski fans. The ProStar continues to have the flattest wake and the greatest performance in the industry. Modern upgrades and technology continue to push this boat to be the leader in waterski boats.

Standard Features

Options and Upgrades

Is the ProStar for Me?

The ProStar is the ultimate waterski boat. If you’re an avid skier, this is going to be the best choice for you and your family. You will be able to enjoy the flattest wake with the best handling in the industry. This boat is every waterskiers dream boat and it could be yours if this fits your lifestyle.

The Prostar series starts at a price of $118,900 or $899/month*.

Which MasterCraft is For Your Family? 

With the diversity of the five series of MasterCraft boats, there’s one that stands out to you. Whether it’s the comfortable NXT, versatile XT, luxury X, the flagship X Star S, or the Prostar, there’s a boat to fit you and your family’s lifestyle. 

To get an even better understanding of the different series, stop by your local Action Water Sports today. Come see these great boats for yourself. You are also able to schedule a test ride to see all the amazing features working while on the water. 

* Prices, product specifications, and all other information shown on this website are for information purposes only and are subject to change at any time without obligation. 240 months, 8.99% APR and 20% down. 
Note – You can special order your boat without some standard features.

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