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Barletta Pontoon Boats started with a single series and has expanded to five unique series. With a wide range of boats, there’s one to fit your family’s lifestyle. Most recently, the Aria was introduced to the fleet of Barletta’s premium pontoons.  

The Aria was introduced to be the first step into luxury within the Barletta lineup. The Aria comes in at a price-point below the Cabrio Series. While not sacrificing any quality and design, the Aria is built with the Barletta DNA.  

You’re probably wondering what separates the Aria from the Cabrio. And who is each boat for? Keep reading to learn what separates these two luxury pontoons and which is the better fit for you. 

The Barletta Aria 

We’ll start by discussing what makes the Aria so unique. This boat was crafted to be the “Intro into Luxury” and that is exactly what it is. The Aria is available in three different length options (20 ft., 22 ft., 24 ft.) and three floorplans. The UC, QC, and CC are the available floorplans.  

Along with length and floorplan, you’re able to choose your engine size up to 200 HP. These options allow you to get your dream boat. The Aria starts at a price of $44,900 or $345/month*. This price will change depending on how you customize your boat.  

What do you get with the price of an Aria? The Aria series was built to stand out against the competition because of the features that can be found on every single Aria.  


The Aria is built with innovative features that separate every Barletta from the competition. While accomplishing an attainable price on this boat, Barletta carried everyone’s favorite features across all five series of boats.  

Below the Deck

The Aria is built with VIP technology (Vibration Isolation Pads) that creates a smooth and comfortable ride along the water. Along with VIP technology, Aria’s are built with a strong frame that features heavy-duty cross-members. 

The Aria is built on the same chassis as the Cabrio series. The construction of these boats provides an unmatched pontoon ride over the water regardless of weather. With this technology, these boats perform very well in all conditions.  

Above the Deck

Now that we’ve discussed the innovative construction, let’s go over the features above the deck. To begin, the Aria is equipped with convenient cutout Yeti-Ready cupholders. You will also find USB and USB-C charging ports in these cutouts.  

The furniture found on the Aria is soft-touch vinyl that is comfortable in all conditions. Whether you’re boating in the middle of summer or during the fall, you’ll be comfortable on this innovative marine vinyl.  

Just like every Barletta pontoon, the Aria comes standard with a built-in trash can. The trash can is built into the port side bow chaise. This keeps trash out of the way and easily stored while cruising around the lake.  

As we move through the compartments found on the boat, you will find ample storage. There’s plenty of room for life vests, throwables, docklines, and whatever else you may bring onboard. For those interested in the Aria tritoon, you can get center toon storage as well for added storage. 

Now, let’s discuss the spacious helm. Every Barletta helm is built with plenty of leg room and an ergonomic design. The Aria is no exception. As the driver, you are able to comfortably sit and drive the boat.  

The Aria is equipped with the Hook 4 fish/depth finder. You are able to upgrade to the Hook 5 fish/depth finder of the Simrad system. Each system introduces new technology to improve your time on the water.  

As part of the helm, we can’t forget about the most important features found on every Barletta, the pet-friendly features. At the helm, you’ll find pet dishes that are great for long adventures on the water with your furry best friend. Also, every Aria is equipped with Doggie DockView doors on the bow and port side doors. For our shorter pets, this is the perfect way to let them enjoy the views while on the water.  

A unique standard feature that is found on the Aria is the power bimini.  Every Barletta is equipped with the power bimini to make your adventures convenient and comfortable. At the great price point, this feature is unheard of. 

Options and Upgrades 

Barletta has crafted their boats to have the highest number of standards to ensure that every boat is luxury on the water. With the large number of standards, there are still options and upgrades available for the Aria series. 

Options include seat covers, RGB lighting, a changing room, double bimini, and more. These options are available to customize your Aria. 

The Barletta Cabrio  

Now that we have a clear understanding of what we can expect to find on Barletta Aria’s, let’s move to discuss the Cabrio series. The construction found on both the Cabrio and the Aria are the same.

The chassis, crossmembers, nose cones, etc., are all the same so there will be no variation in performance between the series. The difference is found in the features above the deck on the boats, and you’ll notice that the Cabrio is a step up in luxury yet still maintaining an attainable price.  

The Cabrio series is available in three lengths, 20 ft., 22 ft., and 24 ft. In these three lengths of boats, you’re able to choose from six floorplans. These floorplans are the Q, QC, U, UC, UE, and CC. You can build your Cabrio with your choice of engine up to 250 HP.  

Depending on what floorplan and length you choose for your Cabrio, the price will alter. Though, the starting at price of a Cabrio is $49,900 or $429/month*. Keep reading to learn what is found on every single Cabrio regardless of floorplan and length. 


One difference to acknowledge is the height of the furniture on the Cabrio. Cabrio seats will have a higher back on them compared to the Aria furniture, making them ergonomic boost. The Cabrio furniture is also built with soft-touch vinyl making these seats comfortable for hours in the sun.  

The Cabrio is also equipped with a wireless charger along with numerous USB and USB-C chargers. The wireless charger is found in the dash making it convenient for the driver to keep their phone at full charge while out on the water. 

Another contrast can be found in the elevated helm. Cabrio models incorporate a raised helm configuration that simplifies the driver’s ability to see over any passengers seated in the bow of the boat. The raised helm adds to the overall comfort for the driver and gives an elevated premium look. 

Cabrio boats are built with a standard stow-away table that is built into the back of the port side chaise lounge. This table is convenient to use when wanted but to then stow when it’s not needed. It’s the ultimate table for snacks while spending hours on the water.  

Another feature found on the Cabrio series is the extended swim deck. The swim deck extends beyond the length of the motor to allow for more room to jump and lounge on the back of the boat when the motor is off.  

Right along with the extended swim deck, you’ll find the Easy Step Ladder. This ladder is another pet-friendly feature that makes it easy for our water-loving dogs to re-board the boat. Not to mention, it’s easier for people as well. 

The final separating factor for the Cabrio series is dual batteries. Aria’s are equipped with a single battery because there are less accessories that require power than the Cabrio series has. The dual batteries make it easy to play music with the boat off and not to have to worry about draining the batteries.  

Options and Upgrades 

The Cabrio is built to come standard with all the luxury features that you could need on the water. Though there are few options and upgrades that are available. To begin, you’re able to upgrade the Hook 5 fish/depth finder to a Simrad system. 

Along with that technology, you’re able to add a double bimini, changing room, RGB lighting, underwater lights, diving board, and more. If you want to customize your Cabrio to be the perfect boat, you’re able to do that.  

Who is Each Boat For? 

Both boats are built with the best quality, construction and technology that comes standard on every Barletta. Both Aria and Cabrio Barletta’s are great boats that will out-perform the competition time and time again. 

The Aria is perfect or families looking for a boat that falls into the attainable price point, or maybe those new to pontoons. With all the standard features that everyone knows and loves, the Aria is a phenomenal boat for the price.  

As for the Cabrio, this boat is for families looking for a bit more luxury. You will find more floorplans available to fit your family’s needs and wants. There are several features that will elevate your experience on a Cabrio as well.  


Before you make your decision about which boat is for you, let’s discuss the price difference between the Aria and the Cabrio boats. The difference in price will allow you to make the most educated decision on which boat is best for you and your family.  

2024 Aria boats fall into the range of $45,000 to $65,000. The 2024 Cabrio series falls into a range of $65,000 to $95,000. The separation in price will give you a better idea of which boat is best for you and your family. 

Enjoy The Barletta Lifestyle 

With this information, you’re able to decide which Barletta is best for you and your family. Whether you choose an Aria or a Cabrio or any of the other series, you will be enjoying the most luxurious pontoon on the market. All Barletta’s are built with the best quality and design to offer the best experience on the water. 

Spend time on the water with friends and family enjoying your premium pontoon. If you have any questions about Barletta Aria’s or Cabrio’s, stop by your local Action Water Sports or give us a call. Our experts will be able to help you with every question about Barletta Pontoons.  

*240 Months, 8.99% APR, 20% Down Payment

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