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Can I take my MasterCraft in Saltwater? Is saltwater going to ruin my boat? Will my boat deteriorate because of saltwater? How can I protect my boat in saltwater? These are the questions that run through your head when thinking about purchasing a MasterCraft if you often boat in salt or brackish water.  

Luckily for you, MasterCraft has developed innovative technology to allow you to boat in saltwater without sacrificing your boat. These developments are available in MasterCrafts Saltwater Package. With this technology, you can safely take your boat out on saltwater without having to worry about ruining your MasterCraft boat. 

So, what is the technology that protects your boat against harmful saltwater? Keep reading to learn all about this technology and how it works. 

Saltwater Package Features 

Each piece of technology included in this package is important to help protect the boat against the damaging effects of saltwater. If you plan on boating in saltwater often, you will need to equip your boat with the saltwater package.  

The saltwater package is available on all MasterCraft Series except for the Prostar Series. For all MasterCraft boats besides Prostars, you will be able to equip them with this great technology. Let’s see what technology is available on a MasterCraft to keep the boat safe in saltwater. 

Sacrificial Aluminum Anodes 

Part of the Saltwater Package is the aluminum anodes that protect the metal components in the boat against corrosion and electrolysis that can occur in saltwater. The anodes are built to attract saltwater particles to keep them from attacking the important components. 

The anodes should be regularly checked. When they are about ½ the size of the original anode, they should be replaced to continue to protect your boat. A great time to check the condition of the anodes on your boat is when it is out of the water for any kind of service. Keeping this updated will save you in the long run.  

Teflon Coated Aluminum Platform Bracket 

Teflon is a product that is a non-stick material that protects the aluminum platform brackets from facing erosion from saltwater. It has extreme resistance to wear and tear which makes it the perfect product to fight the effects of corrosion. This product will protect the brackets on your platform from eroding and ultimately becoming broken and not useful. 

Salt-Water Safe Hydraulic System 

Rather than the standard mechanical steering system that is found in MasterCraft boats, the Saltwater Package replaces that with a hydraulic system. The hydraulic system resists the corrosive effects that saltwater would have on the mechanical system.  

Stainless Steel Shocks 

MasterCraft has replaced the standard gas shocks with stainless steel gas shocks. This change will help fight against the corrosive properties of saltwater. This simple fix will reduce the chances of your boat having problems while running it in saltwater.  

Spaghetti Mesh Liner 

This liner refers to the storage floor liner. The spaghetti mesh replaces the standard liner because this is very easy to clean and won’t trap saltwater inside of the boat since it is mesh. This mesh is a great alternative for boats that will be in saltwater more often than not.  

Electrical Bonding System 

The purpose of this feature is to add additional protection to metal components that are under the waterline. This will help protect all metal components against corrosion and deterioration. For boats that will be in saltwater, this is a great feature to aid in the protection against all the components in the water. 

Ilmor Motor Upgrade 

All MasterCraft boats come standard with a convenient engine flush hookup and corrosive protecting paint, however, when opting for a saltwater package the base motor will be upgraded to an Ilmor 5.3L or 6.2L GDI V8 (dependent on the model selected). These engines feature an efficient, fully closed-cooling system and produce 365HP and 430HP respectively. 

This Ilmor motor upgrade will help protect against the negative effects of saltwater. Your motor will be fully set up for boating on saltwater for days, months, and years. 

Enjoy Your Saltwater Adventure 

MasterCraft makes it easy for boaters to enjoy these amazing boats, regardless of location. Wherever you live in the United States, these boats have the capability to go on any water. Whether it’s an inland lake or the bay in Florida, you are able to enjoy your boat. 

If you plan on taking your boat in saltwater, always opt for the saltwater package. It will ensure your boat is protected against the corrosive properties of saltwater. We want you to spend hours with your friends and families on your favorite boat. MasterCraft has ensured you’re able to do that, regardless of location. 

For more information regarding the saltwater capabilities of MasterCraft boats and upgradeable options, visit Action Water Sports of Central Florida. If you have any questions, give us a call. We’re here to help.  

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