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Learn about the different size boats Cobalt has to offer and what separates them.

Cobalt boats have topped the charts for years as the most luxurious bowrider on the market. With three classes that are divided by features, designs, and motor type. Within these classes and series, they have different lengths of boats to fit any family. 

From convenient 22-foot boats to large 35-foot boats, there’s a Cobalt for every family. Now it’s time to decide which size is right for you and your family. There are a few factors that go into determining which size is the best fit. Keep reading to figure out what size is right for you and your family.  

22-Foot and 23-Foot Boats 

On the smaller size of the Cobalt lineup are the 22 and 23-foot boats. These boats fall in the CS series and are offered with a sterndrive or surf sterndrive motor depending on the exact model.  

These boats are great for families who are boating on smaller, inland lakes. They are comfortable and can be used for many of your favorite water sports. Along with these great amenities, since these boats are on the smaller end of the Cobalt lineup, they are easy to trailer and store. This is a huge benefit for those who don’t live right on the water or who plan to explore new lakes every weekend.  

In this size range, there are three different models available. The 220S, the CS22, and the CS23. The CS22 has a capacity of 11 people. The 220S and CS23 both have a capacity of 12 people. The difference between these three models of boats is found in the designs and features. 

24-Foot and 26-Foot Boats 

The next size range involves the 24-foot and the 26-foot models. There are no 25-foot boats in the Cobalt lineup. These boats are found in the R Series which is the most versatile series. You can get a sterndrive, surf, or outboard boat in these lengths.  

Since these boats are still manageable sizes, they are great for small, inland lakes. Though, these boats can handle the bigger lakes on calm days. You can also trailer and store these boats with ease at this size.  

There are 2 models available in this size range. These are the R4 and R6 boats. The R4 is 24-Feet and the R6 is 26-Feet. The R4 has a capacity of 13 people and the R6 has a capacity of 14 people. With the increase in size on the R6, you gain a substantial amount of storage. Along with an increase in storage, you can option an R6 to have a head with a pump-out porta potty for long days on the water.  

28-Foot and 29-Foot Boats 

Next up are the larger, 28 and 29-foot boats that Cobalt builds. These boats are in the R Series as well as the A Series. The A and R Series are different in their designs, features, and functionality.  

The two models found in this size range are the R8 and the A29. The R8 is 28-feet and the A29 is 29-feet. The R8 is a very versatile boat as it comes in a sterndrive, surf, or outboard motor. It is a large boat that still allows you to have the same water sports abilities that many families love. With this boat, you are able to trailer it from lake to lake with ease.  

The A29 on the other hand, is only available in a sterndrive motor. This boat is built to be the flagship model in the Cobalt lineup. It is built with the most premium features and attention to detail. This boat is also built wider to accommodate those seeking premium luxury and for that reason, it is not able to be trailered. 

Though these boats are built for different families, they are both built to perform in large bodies of water. They’re great for the big lakes, Intracoastal, and even exploring the ocean. Both boats are also yacht certified meaning that capacity is not a determined number.  

At the end of the day, most families choose an A29 for the premium fit and finish of the boat. This boat screams luxury in every aspect. Families that choose the R8 often want a boat built to do everything. For versatility, this is the right boat for you.  

30-Foot, 33-Foot, and 35-Foot Boats 

The final size of boats in the Cobalt lineup are the 30-35-foot boats. All of these boats are found in the R Series. They are available in sterndrive, surf, and outboard models. These boats are meant to deliver a premium experience for your largest groups.  

You can still accomplish your favorite water sports on these boats. However, most families fall in love with these boats because of their space and entertaining value for guests and the available features. Since these boats are quite large, they are often not trailered. We see many customers utilize their local marina or dealership to transport the boat. 

The three models available in these sizes are the R30 (30 feet), R33 (33 feet), and R35 (35 feet). All three boats are yacht certified meaning that there is not an exact capacity stated. If you like to take your entire family and some guests along on the boat, one of these large boats would be a great fit for you. 

Along with accommodating many people, these boats are great for larger bodies of water. They are perfect for the big lakes, Intracoastal, and Ocean. If you plan to spend your time on these bigger bodies of water, a larger boat will be the perfect fit. 

Lastly, these models are great for entertaining. Features such as dinette tables, kitchenettes, sinks, coolers or mini fridges make entertaining simple and easy for everyone. Check out one of these large Cobalts to enjoy long hours on the water comfortably.  

Enjoy Your Cobalt 

Understanding the differences in size throughout the Cobalt lineup can help to lead you in the right direction to your dream boat. You now know the pros and cons of the different sizes of these Cobalt boats. Finally, it’s time to choose the best boat for you and your family. 

One guarantee is that regardless of which Cobalt you decide on, you can expect premium luxury. From the 22-foot boat to the 35-foot boat, luxury is found in the quality, design, and features on the boat. When you decide which boat is right for you, enjoy time on the water and with your friends and family. 


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