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Finding the right boat for you and your family is not always an easy process. With how many boats are on the market today, it’s hard to know which is the best option. However, after much research, you’ve concluded that one of the Cobalt series is the right boat for your family.  

No matter which Cobalt you decide will be the ultimate boat for you and your family, you will be getting the best quality and highest-end bowrider in the industry. Every Cobalt is hand-crafted to stand out from the competition  

And the A and the R series of the top-of-the-line series offered by Cobalt boats. You won’t be lacking any quality or features on either of these. The final decision will come down to the amenities you and your family want to see on your boat. 

For that reason, keep reading to learn which Cobalt series is right for you. 

The A Series 

The A Series is Cobalt’s flagship series. With only one boat in the series, you can expect nothing but the most luxurious features in the industry. This boat is an eye-catcher when out on the water. 

This boat is built to perform like a comfortable runabout boat with luxury yacht features to elevate your experience on the water. This is the ultimate boat for families seeking luxury and great performance on big water. 

Available Classes 

The A29 is only available as a sterndrive option. The sterndrive option gives this boat the best performance and high-end features.  

You can choose between a Volvo-Penta motor or a MerCruiser motor. In both Volvo-Penta and MerCruiser, you’re able to equip your A29 with a 380 HP or 430 HP motor. Both perform very well on big bodies of water. 


The A29 comes equipped with high-end features that complement the aesthetic of this great boat. With every feature on this great boat, you can expect to find attention to every detail. This boat was truly made to be the most luxurious boat on the water. 

Along with the standard features that separate every Cobalt from other bowriders, there are several unique features found on this Cobalt series. These features are: 

The A29 features the best innovations, technologies, and designs found on any bowrider. These boats are built to perform at a high level along with making for the most comfortable ride on the water. 

A Series Pricing 

Since this boat is the flagship of the Cobalt series, the price reflects a large number of amenities and a high degree of design in every aspect of this boat. The A29 from Cobalt starts at $210,900 or $1,610/mo*. Depending on options, common sale price ranges between $250,000 – $315,000.

R Series 

Now, let’s discuss what makes this Cobalt series unique. The R series is the most versatile series in the Cobalt lineup of boats. For those looking for a boat that is comfortable and has features for the whole family, be sure to check out this series of boats.  

The available R series models are: 

  • R4, R4 Outboard, and R6 Surf 
  • R6, R6 Outboard, and R6 Surf 
  • R8, R8 Outboard, and R8 Surf 
  • R30 
  • R33, R33 Outboard
  • R35, R35 Outboard 

The R series is versatile because of the motor options that are available in this series. You can order a sterndrive, surf, or outboard R series boat. No matter which class of R series boat you decide to order, all are built to be the best in the industry. 

Sterndrive Class

The sterndrive boats are great for big water boating or smaller inland lakes. These motors allow for great performance and a comfortable ride regardless of where you decide to boat. Depending on which boat you decide is right, that will determine whether you have single or twin motor options. 

On the R4, R6, and R8 boats, your boat will be equipped with a single sterndrive motor. The motor size options are 300 HP, 350 HP, 380 HP, and 400 HP. You can get any of the motor powers in either Volvo-Penta or MerCruiser. 

On the R30 you are able to choose between a single or a twin motor. You have the same motor size and brand options available for this boat.  

The R33 and R35 are equipped with twin motors. You are able to get the twin motors in any of the horsepower options and both brands.  

All of these boats, whether a single or twin motor, are built to give you the best performance for hours on the water.  

Surf Class

The next class of R series boats is the surf class. These boats are built with forward-facing sterndrive motors, courtesy of Volvo-Penta, making them safe for surfing. If you and your family enjoy watersports, these boats are a good option to consider.  

The surf-safe sterndrive motor is available in 300 HP, 350 HP, 380 HP, and 400 HP Volvo-Penta motors. You can pick which motor you’d rather have on your Cobalt surf boat depending on your preference and where you plan boating. 

Outboard Class

The third class of Cobalt boats falls in the category of outboard boats. These boats are all equipped with outboard motors. Depending on the size of the boat, you can pick between single, twin, or triple motors for a power choice.  

The R4 and R6 outboard boats have three different motor sizes available. On these two boats, you are only able to equip your boat with a single motor. The power options that are available are 250 HP, 300 HP, and 350 HP. These motor sizes are available with Mercury motors. Yamaha motors are also available on the outboard class of boats. 

The R8 can be equipped with a single or twin motors. You can equip the boat with 250 HP, 300 HP, and 350 HP for a single motor. For twin motors, you can build your boat with two 200 HP, 250 HP, or 300 HP Mercury motors. 

The R33 is either built with twin or triple motors. The power options available on the twin R33 are 300 HP, 350 HP, 400 HP, or 450R HP. The triple R33 boats can be built with three 300 HP motors if you choose.  

And finally, the R35. This boat can be equipped with twin or triple motors to power this big bowrider across the water. The twin options are 300 HP, 350 HP, 450R HP, and 600 HP. As for the triple motor option, you can choose from 300 HP, 350 HP, or 400 HP.  

Whichever outboard R series boat you choose, you can expect to be well-powered when cruising through choppy water on a rough day.  


There are many features that stay the same throughout the R series. These features contribute to the overall luxury of this boat. With the series being so diverse with the different classes, there are different innovations found throughout these boats to enhance your time on the water.  


Since the R series covers such a wide variety of boats, there is a wide range of prices. To make it a little easier to understand the price range, we’ll look at the different classes within the R series.  

The sterndrive class starts at $124,900 or $959/mo*. Remember that the sterndrive class has anywhere from a 24-foot boat to a 35-foot boat available.  

The surf class starts at $136,900 or $1,045/mo*. The surf class ranges in boats from 24-feet to 28-feet boats. 

The outboard class starts at $116,900 or $895/mo*. Depending on your preference, there is a wide range of engine options available. You can get a Cobalt outboard at a length of 24 feet to 35 feet. 

Which Cobalt is Right for Me? 

Cobalt boats are the high-end luxury bowrider that many families love. The A and the R series are both the epitome of luxury. It comes down to what you’re looking for in a boat. If you want the highest end luxury and interior features, the A series will be a great fit. If you want a specialized boat that will have the best performance in the industry, the R series will likely be perfect. 

To learn more about these great boats, stop by the showroom to explore these great boats for yourself. Spending some time around the boats will help you to understand whether the A or the R series is right for you and your family.  

*Excludes used and brokerage boats. Prices, product specifications, and all other information shown on this website are for information purposes only and are subject to change at any time without obligation. 240 months, 8.99% APR and 20% down.   

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