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After years of thinking about it, you and your family have finally decided that it’s the perfect time to buy a boat. You have always enjoyed boating and it’s time to get you and your family out on the water and spend time together. 

As you’re doing your research, there are several questions to consider. Keep reading or watch the video to learn about the top 10 questions we recommend asking before buying a new boat. If you have an answer to all of these questions, you’re probably ready to sign the papers for your new boat.  

Why Do I Want a Boat? 

Some families want a boat specialized for wakeboarding and surfing, some want a fishing boat, others want a boat for entertaining friends and family, and others want a boat for big water boating. You can find these specialized boats. You can also find boats that are built to perform well in multiple spaces. 

Determining the answer to this question is the first step to finding the perfect boat for you and your family. 

Can I Afford Service and Maintenance? 

The purchase price of a boat isn’t the only cost associated with a boat. You will want to consider and budget for the cost of service, storage, and insurance. These things are dependent on the specific boat you decide on.  

Research to get a better understanding of how much a boat costs annually. Make sure this is within your budget so you can enjoy your time on the water.  

Where Will I Keep My Boat? 

This is a question all future boaters should ask themselves no matter whether you are in the northern states or the southern states. Most obviously, Northern boaters will need somewhere to store their boat during the winter months. Luckily for these boaters, Action Water Sports offers winter storage. 

However, some boaters will choose to store their boats at their properties which works as well. For both Northern and Southern boaters, you will want to decide whether to keep your boat on the water or trailer to the water. 

If you want to keep your boat on the water, you can keep your boat in front of your lakefront property, or, rent a slip at a local marina. Both of these options are perfect for families wanting to keep their boats on the water.  

Is the Warranty Transferrable? 

Knowing whether the warranty is transferrable is important for a few different reasons. The first reason applies if you’re buying a used boat. Ensuring that you can transfer the warranty from the previous owner to you makes sure that if you have any issues, the manufacturer will support you. 

The second reason is for those purchasing a new boat. It’s good to know if the warranty is transferable in case, you were to decide to sell the boat. If the warranty can be transferred, it will help your boat hold a high resale value. 

What is the Maintenance this Boat Will Require? 

This is a great question to ask a salesperson about a boat. It also doesn’t hurt to do a little bit of your own research. Different boats will require different maintenance depending on the type of boat, the type of motor, and the use of the boat. 

Learning about the maintenance required on a boat will help you keep the boat in great shape. It will also allow you to understand the annual cost included with the boat.  

How Many Hours Are on the Motor? 

Whether looking at a new or a used boat, it’s important to ask this question. Sometimes new boats will be used for demos and could have minimal hours on the motor. As for used boats, this could be a deal breaker.  

The number of hours on a boat could result in poor performance or a range of price changes. This is important information to ask before buying a new boat.  

How Many Owners Has the Boat Had? 

Another great question to ask a salesperson is how many owners the boat has had. This will help to know how much use the boat has had and whether the warranty can be transferred or not. This is good information to have before buying. 

What Sets this Boat Apart from Competitor Boats? 

This is a great question to ask a salesperson. They will be able to highlight what sets this boat apart from the competition and why this is a good choice for you and your family.  

It’s always a good idea to do your research on this topic. The best information comes from the owners of the boat brand. If possible, get information from current owners and they’ll be able to give you insights.  

Can I Test-Drive the Boat Before Purchasing? 

Before buying the boat, ask to see it on the water. This allows you to feel the performance and understand what it is like on the water. Test driving your boat is the best way to know whether this boat is the best boat for you and your family.   

Has the Service Been Done at a Certified Dealer? 

Service done by a certified dealer such as Action Water Sports verifies that the boat is in good health. It also means that there is a record of the service done which allows you to know everything about the boat.  

If service hasn’t been done by a certified dealer, you risk dealing with issues with the boat down the road. It’s always good to know this information when looking to purchase a used boat.  

Do you have a vehicle that can tow the boat? 

If you plan on hauling your boat, you’ll want to be sure to check the towing capacity of your vehicle. Depending on the weight of the boat, you may not be able to tow it with your vehicle. Check that your vehicle is capable of towing before deciding on a boat.  

If your vehicle is not capable of towing, you can have Action Water Sports deliver and pick up your boat. This is a service we offer to help those who do not own a vehicle with enough towing capacity to tow their own boat. 

All Set to Buy a Boat 

When you have the answers to these questions, you’re all set to buy a boat. With this information, you and your family will know exactly what boat you want and how to prepare for it. It’ll be smooth sailing from here.  

Asking these questions will set you up to buy the perfect boat. With answers to all of these questions, it’s time to head to your local Action Water Sports and buy the boat of your dreams. 

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