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Barletta Pontoon Boats are built with the most pet-friendly features in the industry. Learn more about these features here.

Barletta pontoon boats are known for their luxury features and pledge for quality. To accomplish all of this, several features come standard on every boat making these the most premium pontoons. One set of standard features that Barletta is known for are the pet-friendly features. 

Regardless of which Barletta series or model you’re interested in, you’ll find several pet-friendly features that are standard on every boat. Barletta knows how important our furry best friends are and makes sure their boats are accommodating.  

So, what makes Barletta Pontoons pet-friendly?  

Doggie DockView Doors 

Doggie DockView Doors are standard on all Barletta models. This innovation is found on the bow and portside doors. It is color-matched, see-through hard plastic in both doors.  

This innovation is great for smaller breeds of dogs. Now they can enjoy the views just as much as the larger dogs have always done.  

Not only is this innovation great for dogs, but it’s also great for parking your boat. Since the doors are see-through, it’s easier to approach a dock or a lift with the added visibility.  

Integrated Pet Dishes 

The next pet-friendly feature that is found on every Barletta is the integrated pet dishes. These pet dishes are integrated into the helm. These pet dishes are easy to open and fill with dog food or water.  

For long hours on the boat, these are ideal for keeping your best friend comfortable. Along with being a huge benefit for those with water-loving dogs, these pet dishes make a great storage spot for phones, sunscreen, and more. It keeps these items protected and out of the way.  

Scratch/Tear Resistant Vinyl 

Another innovative feature found on every Barletta is the scratch and tear-resistant vinyl. It’s always been a concern that dogs would potentially scratch or tear the vinyl with their nails when on the boat. With this vinyl, you don’t have to worry about that occurring.  

This marine vinyl is crafted to withstand scratches and tears to maintain the quality of the seats for years to come. It allows you to enjoy your boat for long hours and many years with your favorite company. 

Plenty of Shade

Barletta made it easy to escape the sun and cool down with the fully electric bimini. At the press of a button, you can deploy your bimini and create shade for you and your dog while out on the lake. For smaller dogs, there’s an added shaded area. 

Below the flip-up table on the port side of the boat makes for a comfy spot for smaller dogs to cool down and take a nap. A small dog bed can fit under this table to add comfort for your dog while cruising around the lake.  

Plenty of Room for All the Dogs 

The great benefit of Barletta Pontoon Boats is that there is plentiful space throughout the boat. Regardless of which floorplan you decide is right for you and your family, you will have more than enough room to bring your dog along for the ride. 

Easy Step Ladder 

And finally, the Easy Step ladder. This feature is a standard feature on the Reserve, Lusso, Corsa, and Cabrio models. The arch shape and wider steps make it much easier for dogs to get back on the boat. If your dog loves to swim and jump off the boat, this is the ultimate innovation to allow them to get back on the boat.  

Not only is this feature helpful for dogs, but it also makes it much easier for everyone to get back onboard the boat. Rather than having small bars that hurt to climb up, this ladder has wide steps positioned in an arch. Nobody struggles with this innovative feature on these Barletta Pontoon Boats. 

Take Your Pup for a Cruise 

With all of these great innovations meant to make it effortless to bring your dog along for the ride, it’s time to get out on the water. Barletta Pontoon Boats know how important furry friends are to so many. And for this reason, they crafted their boats with that in mind.  

For those who don’t have a water-loving dog, these features double as convenient amenities for everyone on board. Check out a Barletta Pontoon Boat at your local Action Water Sports to see these innovative features for yourself. 

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