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Learn about the new innovations MasterCraft has released for 2024.

MasterCraft never fails to offer the most innovative technology and unmatched designs. MasterCraft holds the reputation of ultimate luxury matched with endless innovations. Year after year, they never fail to update and upgrade these premium boats with new features. 

This year, just like every year prior, MasterCraft released several exciting upgrades for their lineup of boats. Some are now standard, others are upgradeable options. Let’s dig into what you can expect to see on the 2024 boats from MasterCraft with this article or the video below. 

1. NXT Icon Package 

The NXT Icon Package offers all-black features. This package enhances the look and overall aesthetic of the boat. By outfitting the boat with black flooring, black accents, blackout tower, and black MasterCraft badging. 

Not only are all the features black, but you also get lighting throughout the boat. The Icon Package features underwater lights, RGB cockpit lights, and RGB tower lights. The addition of this package will enhance the look and feel of your boat whenever on the water. 

The NXT Icon Package is available on the NXT22, NXT23, and NXT24 models. 

2. NEW NXT Dash and Display 

New for the NXT series is the 7-inch touchscreen display. This new update for 2024 enhances the helm experience for those driving the boat. It features integrated surf wave graphics and updated SurfStar software. With the upgraded foil presets and music controls, this new system will upgrade your entire experience on the water.  

With the new standard touchscreen, the helm also features a wireless phone charger. This makes time on the water effortless and convenient because you never have to worry about having a dead phone. 

3. Underwater Exhaust 

Another new feature introduced to the 2024 lineup is underwater exhaust. Underwater exhaust reduces noise in and behind the boat, making a more enjoyable trip on the water. Along with reducing noise, it also reduces exhaust in the rider’s face. This is a huge benefit for surf riders most specifically because they are close to the stern of the boat.  

Underwater exhaust is now standard on all XStar S, X, and XT models.  

4. Remote Battery Control 

The MasterCraft Connect App got an update this year with a new feature that allows you to turn off your battery switch remotely. You no longer have to run out to the boat to double-check that the switch is off. With the innovative MasterCraft Connect App, you can easily check on your phone. 

5. Power Board Racks 

The most recent update to the popular MasterCraft towers is the addition of power board racks. These are the most convenient and easy-to-use board racks in the industry. With added padding for board protection and automated clamps, these will make your day on the water a dream. 

Power board racks are available as a customizable option on the XStar S, X, and XT family models with Z8 or Z10 towers.  

6. Foil Profiles 

Foiling is growing as a popular water sport which is why MasterCraft has introduced new foil profiles. Foil presets are like surfing presets, though not the same. Especially dependent on the level of the rider, the profiles will feature different settings. 

MasterCraft has made this simple by integrating the foil profiles into the SurfStar System. The foil profiles allow you to dial in your personalized foil wave. Enjoy the best waves and wakes with this system set up.  

7. Rear Locker Nets 

The rear locker nets help to securely store ropes and life vests above any ballast tanks that are in the rear compartments. These nets help to organize your gear and keep them out of the way. Not only is it a great spot to store your gear, but it also is a dry and safe place for all your favorite gear.  

Rear locker nets are available on all NXT and XT models.  

Enjoy Your 2024 MasterCraft 

With these great innovations, MasterCraft boats have continued to set the bar for innovation and design. 2024 is no different than every preceding year of new technology.  

MasterCraft has set out to have the most premium towboats in the industry and accomplishes that year in and year out. As new technology is discovered, MasterCraft makes sure to implement it into their boats. To learn more about the 2024 MasterCraft boats, be sure to stop by your local Action Water Sports to see these innovations for yourself. 

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