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Learn about the standard features, optional features, and prices that separate the Barletta Corsa and Lusso Series.

Barletta pontoon boats are some of the most luxurious pontoons on the market. With many standards and upgradable options depending on the boat, one of these could be your dream pontoon boat. Today, we will look at the differences between the Corsa and Lusso Barletta series.  

The Corsa and Lusso series were crafted to deliver a premium experience whenever on the water. However, some features and designs separate these two Barletta series from each other. Let’s discuss what these differences and similarities are to make choosing the right boat an easy task.  

What Are the Similarities? 

The Corsa and Lusso series share some similarities as they are the premium Barletta series. From the construction to several standard features, you will find commonalities between the two. 


The Corsa and Lusso series have numerous standards that make this boat a favorite for many families. Following in line with all Barletta’s, these boats are built with high-quality construction. With innovations such as the Vibration Isolation Pads, heavy-duty M-brackets, oversized C channels, and more. Barletta’s construction is not only award-winning, but it also sets the standard for quality pontoon construction. 

Another unique feature found on both Barletta series are the 26” toons. Unlike the industry standard of 25” toons, these provide extra flotation and add to the unmatched smooth ride of this pontoon. 

Standard Features 

Between the Corsa and Lusso, you’ll find the two series share several standard features. Standards such as pet-friendly features, a raised helm, an extended swim deck, an easy-step ladder, and more. These standards are found on every Corsa and Lusso, regardless of floorplan and options.  

The big differences between the two boats come from the designs and the options or upgrades. Now that we understand the similarities, it’s time to discuss the differences.  

Corsa Series 

Let’s start by learning about the popular Corsa series. Barletta Pontoons claims this series as their “Sport Luxury”.  With athletic designs and features, this boat was built to deliver a high-end ride on the water with watersport capabilities.  

The Corsa falls in the third trim level of the five series of Barletta pontoons. While not the highest trim level in the lineup, this series still features a high level of technology and design. Now it’s time to learn whether this is the boat for you. 

Unique Designs 

Corsa boats are built with several standards and designs that are unique to this series. To match the sporty aesthetic of this boat, the vinyl has color-matched accents. These accents stand out from other Barletta series.  

Along with the sporty rails, these boats are built to catch eyes on the water. The rail designs are unique to this series and make it noticeably different than other Barletta series. 

Options and Upgrades 

When choosing your dream boat, you can add or upgrade several features to the Corsa series. Here are some of the upgradable features available for the Corsa series: 

What is the Price of a Corsa? 

Corsa boats fall in the middle of the Barletta fleet and the pricing of these boats reflects that. The starting price of a Corsa is $72,900 or $559/month*. However, we typically see Corsa boats bought in the price range of $95,000 to $150,000. 

The standard features and added luxury of this series make it a little pricier than the Aria and Cabrio series.  

Lusso Series 

It’s now time to learn why the Lusso is such a unique series in the Barletta lineup. This was the first series Barletta introduced to the industry and it has grown into one of the most popular boats in the world. With all the popular standards that are on both the Corsa and Lusso Series, you can’t go wrong. Additionally, the Lusso series features standard in-floor cooler storage and anchor storage.

Now, let’s dig into what else makes this series stand out in the fleet of Barletta boats.  

Unique Designs 

Whether looking at the interior or the exterior of a Barletta Lusso, you’ll be able to see premium finishes and designs. These boats are designed with extra-soft vinyl that features unique stitching. And on the exterior of the boat, you will find stainless steel badging that makes these boats noticeable whenever out on the water. 

Options and Upgrades 

The Lusso series features several customizable options that you can choose. These options and upgrades allow you to make your Lusso perfect for you and your family. These features include: 

What is the Price of a Lusso?

The Lusso series is the ultimate luxury offered by Barletta Pontoon Boats. This level of luxury and premier features leads to a premium price. The price is reflective of the standard features found onboard this great pontoon boat.  

A Lusso series boat starts at $99,900 or $765/month*. We typically see Lusso boats being sold in a range of $125,000 to $165,000. If you and your family are looking for luxury in every aspect of your pontoon, this is the boat for you.  

Is a Corsa or a Lusso Right for Me? 

Now that you have an understanding of what separates the Corsa and Lusso series, it’s time to decide which is right for you and your family. Both boats are built with premium quality and designs, so you know you’re getting the best regardless of which boat you decide on.  

The big difference between the two boats is in the design, available customizations, and price points. This is what will determine the right boat for you and your family. If you want the best of the best, the Lusso series is right for you. If you want a luxury boat with the sporty aesthetic that the Corsa delivers, this will be the right boat for you and your family.  

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