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The Barletta Corsa Series

There’s a lot to love about pontoons, and the Barletta Corsa is no different. Featuring all the favorite Barletta standards but with a sporty and sleek twist. The Corsa offers an upgraded experience without the premium price tag. Here are a few things you need to know about this Barletta series. 

The Corsa sits right between the Cabrio and the Lusso due to its competitive price point and the unique upgrades that are available. The different furniture options and textures provide your passengers with the most comfort while out on the water. With the enhanced designs and the added technology, the Corsa series is a luxurious boat is great for many families.

The Corsa has several upgraded features and options that the Cabrio leaves behind such as the arch tower, chrome gauge accents at the helm, fender baskets, and other upgradable options. Overall, it’s a great option for those looking fora luxurious pontoon with a sporty look to it.

Not just sporty, but sleek too

Compared to Barletta’s Lusso series, the biggest differentiating factor is the aesthetic design of the Corsa. From its sleek lines, bold chrome badging, and accented interior colors, this Barletta series brings a modern sports car feel to the lineup. The Corsa also boasts a raised helm, underhelm storage pocket, and wireless phone charger—features that are standard. From its redesigned sporty exterior coupled with the extensive amount of color options and customization, the Corsa is a great option for those looking for a sportier exterior while still maintaining that luxury pontoon experience. 

Everything you love about Barletta 

Get the Barletta V.I.P. treatment, also known as vibration isolation pads. Designed to reduce vibration in the structure of the whole boat, every Barletta provides a quiet yet powerful ride. Don’t forget about the other standard Barletta features including the power bimini top, multiple USB and USB-C ports, extensive under-seat storage, “Yeti-ready” cupholders, and large extended swim deck. Plus, every Barletta is built with pet-friendly features. As a whole, the Corsa takes a ton of different options and brings them together to create a great pontoon for those looking to stand out on the water.     

If you like everything we’ve said so far

If you want a muscle car on the water and an athletic arch tower all without the premium price tag? Look no further because the Corsa is the boat for you.   

However, if find yourself drawn to the more traditional pontoon look and feel, Barletta still has you covered. Check out the Lusso series.   

Depending on motor size, model length, and options, the Corsa will range from $95,000 to $150,000*.


If you have questions about the Barletta Corsa or any lineup of pontoons, head over to your local Action Water Sports. To see our Barletta inventory, click here.   

*Prices, product specifications, and all other information shown on this website are for information purposes only and are subject to change at any time without obligation.