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Barletta Pontoon Boats have quickly taken over the industry as the leader in luxury pontoons. Regardless of the series, every boat is built with the best quality and features on the market. Barletta has crafted five different series of pontoons to offer options for families. 

The Cabrio and Corsa series fall right in the middle of the fleet. These boats are both built to be the best in their segment of the industry. Since they are both in the middle of the lineup, sometimes differentiating the boats can be difficult. 

That’s exactly what we’re here to help with. We’re here to explain what separates these two Barletta Series. Keep reading to learn which luxury pontoon boat is right for you and your family. 

Barletta Standards 

Before we dig into what separates the Cabrio and Corsa series, let’s discuss the similarities. As part of the Barletta family, these boats are the highest quality and design of any pontoon on the market. There are several features that allow for this. 

First, let’s talk about the construction. Most importantly, every Barletta is built with the Vibration Isolation Pads, or VIP technology. This innovative technology ensures the smoothest and quietest ride on every Barletta. 

Along with VIP technology, Barletta’s are built with heavy-duty nose cones, a strong frame, and wave tamers that all help provide the best ride in the industry. This unique construction allows these boats to be the best in the market.  

Along with the superior construction and build of the boat, other features such as pet-friendly features, convenient amenities, and versatile floorplans will be found on both the Cabrio and Corsa models. Some standard features found on both include the power bimini, a raised helm, the easy step ladder, and an extended swim deck. These features allow for an elevated experience whenever on the water. 

Now, let’s discuss what the differences between the Cabrio and Corsa series are.  

The Cabrio Series 

The Cabrio series was introduced to the fleet of luxury boats as affordable luxury. This boat was meant to offer the luxury features that Barletta is known for without an intense price tag. Barletta has successfully accomplished this with the Cabrio series. 

Standard Features 

These boats have several standards that make this boat so popular. This great boat is built with 25” toons. These heavy-duty toons make for a comfortable and effortless ride across the water.  

Cabrio models are also built with a simple and luxurious look throughout the furniture and rail design. With versatile floorplan options including the best-in-class ultra lounge and raised helm. The Cabrio is the ultimate boat for affordable luxury. 

Cabrio Floorplans 

Along with many great standards, the Cabrio series has several versatile floorplans to choose from as well. Cabrio models are available in 20-foot, 22-foot, or 24-foot options.  

The floorplans that are available in the Cabrio series include the Q, QC, U, UC, UE, and CC floorplans. Each floorplan incorporates versatility to make your time on the water enjoyable and fun.  

Options and Upgrades 

The standards and floorplans are important to know where to start with Barletta. However, there are several upgrades available for Cabrio boats. One popular upgrade is the blackout rail package. This replaces the standard silver rails.  

You are able to pick the size of motor you desire for your Cabrio. The largest motor you’re able to option your Cabrio with is 200 HP. The Cabrio transom is built to carry any motor that is 200 HP or lower.  

Some other options you can get on your Barletta Cabrio include a double bimini, seat covers, changing room, interior RGB lighting, and Simrad. To make your dream boat perfect for you and your family, you’re able to add these options to a Cabrio model. 

Is the Cabrio Series Right For Me? 

The Cabrio series is a great boat for many families. There are several lengths and floorplans to choose from to be the perfect boat for you and your family. The starting price of a Cabrio is $53,900 or $339/month*. At Action Water Sports, we find that most customers purchase Cabrio models ranging in price from $65,000 to $95,000. 

At this price point, you will get a phenomenal boat at an affordable price. If you’re looking for an even more luxurious boat, check out the Corsa series.  

The Corsa Series 

The Corsa Series is named Barletta’s sports series. This boat was designed to have elegant luxury with a sporty aesthetic. That is exactly what Barletta Pontoon Boats has accomplished with this great series. 

Standard Features 

Along with the Barletta standard features, the Corsa has several elevated features to enhance this boat. These are the features that set this boat apart from the Cabrio series.  

Let’s begin with the construction. Every Barletta is built to be of the best quality and construction in the industry. The Corsa series is built with heavy-duty construction to give boaters the best experience in the industry. This series is built with 26” toons to increase the durability and construction of these boats. 

Along with larger toons, the Corsa series has furniture with accent colors to add to the sporty aesthetic. You have the ability to select furniture colors for your boat, ensuring that they perfectly match your family’s style. 

The Corsa is crafted with a rail design that is only found on this series. It makes the sporty look of this boat stand out. The rail design coupled with the Corsa logo makes this boat stand out on the water.  

Corsa Floorplans 

Since the Corsa is built on a different chassis than the Cabrio, the available lengths and floorplans are a little different. The lengths available are 21-feet, 23-feet, and 25-feet. The floorplans available are the Q, QC, U, UC, and UE.  

Each of these floorplans is built to be versatile to allow you and your family to enjoy every second on the water. You are able to pick the length and floorplan that fits your lifestyle best to enjoy long days out on the water.  

Options and Upgrades 

The Corsa is built with the standard features that set this boat above competition. With that being said, there are several options and upgrades available on this series. Most importantly, the motor size. Since this boat has a different chassis and transom, it can carry a motor up to 350 HP. 

Along with the larger motor capability, you are able to add a double bimini, seat covers, changing room, anchor storage, and a windshield to these boats. These will enhance your time on the water if you choose to upgrade your boat to them. 

An arch option is also available on this series. The arch adds to the sporty look of this boat and is perfect for watersports. You can ski or wakeboard behind the boat easily with this added option. 

Is the Corsa Series Right For Me? 

The Corsa series is a great option for many families as it incorporates elegance and luxury with a sporty design. This boat is great for families who want a little more horsepower than the Cabrio is able to carry. Along with the motor, the Corsa has an elevated look on board that adds to the difference in trim levels. 

The starting price of a Corsa is $72,900 or $559/month*. At Action Water Sports, we’ve found that most customers purchase models ranging in price from $95,000 – $150,000 depending on the length, floorplan, and options.  With the elevated design, features, and options, this boat comes in at a higher price point for a higher trim level.  

Time To Enjoy Your Barletta 

The next step is to stop by your local Action Water Sports to see the differences for yourself. You can see the Cabrio and Corsa models side by side.  

We have experts available to help answer any and all questions about Barletta boats. Feel free to give us a call if you’re not able to make it into the showroom.  We’re happy to help! 

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