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Do you have an older pontoon and ever wondered if it’s worth upgrading?  

A pontoon was often considered the boat of choice for “grandparents”. However, fast-forward to today, modern innovations and features have helped pontoons feel more like your “living room on the water”.  Because of this, it may be time to consider upgrading your pontoon. We’ve put together the top five reasons families decide to upgrade their pontoon here. Keep reading to learn if this is the right decision for you and your family.  

New Warranty 

One huge advantage if you upgrade your pontoon is the warranty that comes with it. On older pontoons, the warranty has likely expired. If this is the case with your boat, you are responsible for repairing any issues on your own.  

A new warranty guarantees that your boat is protected for several years, depending on the manufacturer. Warranty covers problems that occur for no reason, whether it’s anything above or below the deck of the pontoon. This allows you to boat in peace knowing that the manufacturer will cover your boat for several years.  

New Technology 

In recent years, pontoons have transformed from being the minivans of the water to the most popular boats on the market. This is largely because of the enhanced designs and the innovations in the technology.  

Whether you love to cruise, fish, entertain, or do your favorite water sports, pontoons can accommodate all. With innovative technology that has been introduced in recent years, pontoons are the most versatile boats on the market.  

Several features are worth pointing out. One great innovation is the availability of power biminis and arches. The power bimini keeps you from having to wrestle with a bimini while enjoying time on the water. An arch is perfect for water sports as it resembles the tower on a towboat. 

Along with enhanced electronics such as navigation systems, lighting, and stereo systems, these boats are no longer what they used to be. If your pontoon is lacking this innovative technology, it may be time to upgrade.  


Similar to the technology that has been enhanced, the performance of pontoons has also gotten a revamp. No longer are pontoons limited to minimal horsepower options that can hardly power the boat across a lake. You can now equip your pontoon with motors up to 600 HP depending on the model and brand. 

The availability of large power selections is not the only way that pontoons have enhanced performance.  Many pontoon brands have crafted their current pontoons with innovative performance packages. For example, Barletta Pontoon Boats builds every boat with VIP technology to create the smoothest riding pontoon on the market. 

Comfort and Convenience 

Pontoons have been and will always be the most comfortable boats on the market. This is because of the amount of available seating and comfortable layouts. Though pontoons have always been very comfortable, layout options have received some redesigns. 

Floorplans have been redesigned to utilize the space better with added versatility. This way the comfort and convenience are enhanced from what it used to be on older model pontoons. Along with features such as a power bimini and raised helms, newer pontoons are nothing like they used to be.  

Upgrade Your Dealer 

Upgrading your pontoons opens the possibility to upgrade your dealer as well. A new pontoon that is sold by a premium boat dealership can ensure that you will be taken care of. Whether your new boat needs service or you’re in need of some boating accessories, a premier dealership can provide the best service in all departments. 

Is It Time to Upgrade? 

Learning about all the benefits of upgrading to a new boat might lead you to park a new boat at your dock very soon. Pontoon boats offer a ton of great benefits to boating with the whole family. If you’re interested in upgrading, it’s time to check out some of these new innovations and designs that pontoon manufacturers have released. 

To find the luxurious and versatile pontoon for you and your family, stop by your local Action Water Sports. Explore these amazing boats on your own time to learn what features and innovations are most important for you and your family.  

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