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Learn how MasterCraft leads the industry with their customer-centric warranty program.

Are you thinking a MasterCraft boat is right for you, but unsure what the warranty is? This article not only elaborates on the significance of a warranty and why it matters but also provides a thorough review of the warranty offered by MasterCraft Boats. Keep reading to learn more about warranty and what is covered by MasterCraft Boats.

What is Warranty? 

Warranty is how manufacturers can guarantee that your boat is protected. Obviously, we all want our boats to perform in perfect condition, considering they are brand new. However, with as much technology and parts there are on these luxury boats, sometimes there are minor mishaps. 

Warranty can then be used to ensure your boat is the boat you fell in love with. It is important to understand that the warranty is determined on a case-to-case basis. Your dealership can determine whether a situation calls for a warranty claim or not.  

For example, if you come into your boat lift a little too fast and side-swipe a post resulting in scratches on the side of your boat, this is on you. This is a situation that would not be covered by warranty. 

If you’re ever unsure about whether your specific situation is covered by warranty, call your local dealership. They will be able to point you in the right direction and work out any issues that are covered by the warranty.  

MasterCraft’s Warranty  

MasterCraft has branded their warranty program as MasterCare. It is explained as a fully comprehensive and fully covered five year or 500 Hour warranty. What exactly does this mean? 

For five years, or 500 Hours, of your boat ownership, MasterCraft will protect the deck, hull, liner, stringers, and other components. For specific parts, contact your local MasterCraft dealer and they will be able to better determine which are covered. 

Since MasterCraft makes their own boat trailers, they also provide five years of warranty on their trailers. This goes for any parts on the trailer. 

Engine Warranty 

Along with MasterCraft’s protection program, Ilmor also offers an industry-leading warranty program. Ilmor Marine has a warranty program that protects your motor for 7 years or 1000 Hours.  

Unlike most boat manufacturers in the towboat market that protect your boat for 5 years, Ilmor has taken an extra step to protect your boat for up to 7 years. This is a huge advantage for MasterCraft owners to not only be protected for many years, but to also maintain the resale value of your boat.  

How to Warranty Register Your Boat 

For new MasterCraft boats, you don’t have to worry about registering your new boat. At the time of delivery, your MasterCraft dealer will warranty register your boat.  

How to Transfer Warranty 

If you buy a used boat that still has warranty years and hours remaining, it is transferable. It is important to follow MasterCraft’s process to ensure you get your boat properly registered under your name.  

The first step is to take your new boat to your local MasterCraft dealership. Be sure to call ahead and schedule an appointment. You will need to bring a copy of your sales agreement or invoice for MasterCraft to have on file.  

The local MasterCraft dealership will then need to inspect your boat and provide MasterCraft a copy of the inspection. MasterCraft requires $500 to transfer the warranty. 

After all these steps are complete, MasterCraft can transfer the remaining warranty to your name. That way if anything ever happens and you need a warranty claim, you’re able to do so. 

Sit Back and Relax 

As a MasterCraft owner, you can enjoy your boat, stress-free because of the MasterCare program and Ilmor protection. We hope you never need to utilize your warranty, however, when something goes wrong that is protected by warranty, you’ll be thankful. 

With that, jump on the boat and enjoy the water. Spend time with your family and friends on your MasterCraft boat.   

*Note: the above information is current as of the 2024 model year 

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