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Learn about boat shows and what to expect with this boat show guide.

Gear up for boating season with boat shows – the ideal way to explore new boats and innovations. Check out this boat show guide before your local show for preparation tips. Boat shows are valuable for both seasoned boaters and newcomers, providing essential information to find your dream boat. Curious about the hype around boat shows? We’ve put together this helpful boat show guide. It will help answer any questions you may have about boat shows. 

What is a Boat Show? 

A boat show is an event that displays many different types and brands of boats. It is a great opportunity to see and learn about all different kinds of boats and see new innovations and technology for the year. Boat shows take place throughout the world. So, wherever you live, you won’t be too far from one.  

What Boats Will I Find at a Boat Show? 

At boat shows, you will find all the different types and brands of boats. From pontoons to towboats, to bowriders, to fishing boats, and more, you can find all kinds of boats. Boat shows are a great place to explore different types of boats because of the large dealership and manufacturer representation.  

If you’re set on one type of boat, it’s still worth visiting the boat show because of the numerous brands of boats. For example, if you know a pontoon is going to be your next boat, you can explore several brands of pontoons to find the perfect boat and dealership to work with.  

What Else Can I Find at a Boat Show? 

Every boat show is a little different. You can oftentimes find proshop gear to take out on your boat. Along with proshop gear, you can often find food and drinks. To enhance your experience at the boat show, there is sometimes even entertainment.  

Entertainment like a waterskiing squirrel has been popular at many boat shows around the country. You may find scuba tanks and more at boat shows. Check out your local boat shows.

Where is My Local Boat Show? 

With boat shows taking place throughout the country, there’s likely a show not too far from you. The best way to find information on local boat shows is to ask your local dealer. Your local dealers will be able to tell you where the next boat show is in your area.  

You can also check social outlets such as social media or emails. And, if you’re willing to do some research, you can always google to find your local boat show.  

Here at Action Water Sports, you can find all the information regarding our boat shows on our Event page. With several shows on the list for Action Water Sports, be sure to visit us at your local show and tour our premium boats.  

How Much Do Boat Show Tickets Cost? 

The cost of a ticket for a boat show is variable. Typically, the cost of the ticket reflects the size of the show. However, the average price of a boat show ticket is between $5 and $50 per day.  

Along with day tickets, you can often purchase multiple-day tickets. If you plan on visiting a show more than for a single day, this would be worth checking into. 

For specific show pricing, you can find that information on the boat show’s webpage. Before heading to your local boat show, be sure to look into the price of tickets.  

Enjoy the Boat Show 

With this guide, you should be ready to head to your local boat show. Wherever your local show is, it’s a fun experience and allows you to dream about boating season, even if you live in the colder states.  

Whether you’re shopping for a new boat or attending to learn about everything boating-related, it’s worth the trip. Boat shows are a great place to learn about many aspects of boating and the different boats that are on the market. 

With that, enjoy your local boat show and be sure to stop by the Action Water Sports booth to explore our premium lineup of boats. 


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