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Learn how Barletta puts their customers first and protects their product with their warranty program.

Are you interested in learning more about Barletta’s industry-leading warranty program? You’ve come to the right article to learn all about how Barletta backs their product and ensures you’ll be taken care of. 

What is Warranty?  

First, let’s discuss what the purpose of a warranty is. Warranty is how boat manufacturers can guarantee that your boat is protected. Though we hope your boat remains in perfect condition from the moment you pick it up to whenever you decide to sell it, sometimes things go wrong.  

Warranty protects your boat if you were to run into an issue caused by something you didn’t cause. It is very important to understand that warranty is determined on a case-by-case basis. Your dealership can help to determine whether your situation calls for a warranty claim or not. For example, if you beach your pontoon on a rocky shore and it causes damage to your toons, these repairs will not be covered by a warranty program.

Barletta Pontoon’s Warranty 

Barletta has built their name on providing the best customer service in the industry. Their warranty is described as Limited-Lifetime Structural and 10-Year Bow-to-Stern warranty. There’s a few things going on with this warranty so stay with us as we describe what this means.  

Limited-Lifetime Structural 

The limited-lifetime structural warranty refers to the deck and below on your boat. But let’s break that up even further…

The lifetime warranty applies to the structure below the deck of your boat. This includes the chassis of the pontoon and all of its components. While it includes everything below the deck, it also includes other structural parts such as the railings, gates, bimini frames, and more.  

Whether you have your boat for 5 years or 20 years, you will be protected by Barletta’s lifetime structural warranty.

Now that we’ve gone over the lifetime warranty, it’s time to review the limited warranty. 

Barletta’s limited warranty refers to the deck. This is the marine-grade plywood that is the deck of the pontoon. Since Barletta doesn’t craft their own marine-grade plywood, the manufacturer guarantees the deck for 25 years. 

10 Year Bow-to-Stern 

Now, to the final part of Barletta’s warranty program, the 10 year bow-to-stern. This part of the warranty refers to everything that sits above the deck of the boat. It includes the furniture, flooring, helm, electronics, cover, and mechanics.  

Barletta stands out in the industry by offering a comprehensive 10-year protection plan for all components, irrespective of the manufacturer’s program. This commitment ensures your boat’s longevity and optimal condition, keeping you on the water for countless hours of enjoyment on your pontoon.

The Engine 

Barletta’s warranty program covers various components, including the engine, which varies based on the motor manufacturer’s warranty program. We equipped most of our Barletta’s with Mercury Engines, which you can refer to Mercury’s owner’s manual for warranty details. For other motor brands, consult the specific manual or contact your nearest Action Water Sports for assistance with warranty coverage and claims.

How to Warranty Register Your Boat 

Barletta has made it easy to register your boat. When you purchase a Barletta from a dealership, the dealer is responsible for sending in your warranty registration. This will ensure that Barletta can work through any warranty claims if needed. 

The only thing you have to do is to go through the boat with your dealer upon delivery. This way if you notice something is off, the dealer can get it taken care of right away.  

How to Transfer Your Warranty 

Transferring your warranty is helpful if you were to buy a used Barletta that had time remaining in the original warranty. The good news is that Barletta will fully transfer any remaining warranty to the new owner.  

All you must do is visit Barletta’s warranty transfer portal and enter the HIN and information on your boat. This must be done within 30 days of purchasing the boat to successfully transfer the warranty.  

Enjoy Your Barletta 

Knowing that your boat is protected for a long time in an easy way should allow you to sit back and relax. It’s time to enjoy your Barletta Pontoon Boat worry-free.  

If an issue does occur, call your local Action Water Sports and we’ll be here to help decide whether your situation warrants a warranty claim. In the meantime, enjoy time on the water on your luxurious pontoon.  

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