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Learn how Cobalt protects their premium boats to keep you enjoying time on the water for longer.

Would you like to learn more about Cobalt’s warranty program, ensuring your boat’s protection? You’re in the right place to discover how Cobalt stands behind its product, ensuring your peace of mind. 

What is Warranty?  

First, let’s discuss what the purpose of a warranty is. Warranty is how boat manufacturers can guarantee that your boat is protected. Though we hope your boat remains in perfect condition from the moment you pick it up to whenever you decide to sell it, sometimes things go wrong.  

Warranty protects your boat if you were to run into an issue caused by an error in production. It is very important to understand that warranty is determined on a case-by-case basis. Your dealership can help to determine whether your situation calls for a warranty claim or not.  

For example, if you come into your boat lift a little too fast and damage the gel coat, those repairs will not be covered by a warranty program. If you’re ever unsure about whether your specific situation is covered by warranty, call your local Action Water Sports.  

Cobalt’s Warranty 

Cobalt has divided its warranty program into four different sections to make it easier to understand and to give each part of the boat a protective warranty. And, regardless of which model or series of Cobalt you have, the warranty applies.  

Ten Year Structural 

To ensure that your Cobalt is water-ready for years to come, Cobalt will protect the structure of their boats for 10 years. The structural warranty refers to the hull/deck joints, bulkheads, floor, transom, stringers, and motor mounts. 

Five-Year Bow-Stern Components 

This portion of the warranty protects most of the boat away from the structure. It includes all manufactured or purchased components, all upholstery, and the canvas.  

This part of the warranty will protect the technology on your boat as well as the furniture and other important components.  

Three Year Gelcoat 

Next is the three-year gelcoat warranty. This protects your gelcoat of the boat in case something unexpected and unavoidable was to happen to it.  

One Year Limited Warranty on Inflatables 

This part of the warranty only relates to the A29, R33 and R35. These boats can be optioned with the innovative splash and stow. The splash and stow inflatable is protected by Cobalt’s warranty program for one year.  

The Engine 

Now let’s get into the engine warranty. Since the motors are built by different brands, each manufacturer will have its own warranty. Cobalt boats can be equipped with a sterndrive motor, a surf sterndrive, or an outboard. There are numerous options to choose from. 

Volvo Penta Sterndrive

The Volvo Penta sterndrive has a warranty of 2 + 3 Years protection program.  

MerCruiser Sterndrive

MerCruiser protects their motor with a five-year power of protection warranty. 

Volvo Penta Diesel

The Volvo Penta Diesel has a warranty of two years. 

Mercury Outboard

For those with a Mercury Outboard motor, you can expect to have 3 years of warranty.  

Yamaha Outboard

If your Cobalt is equipped with a Yamaha Outboard, you will find a warranty of 3 years.  

How to Warranty Register Your Boat 

Your boat dealership simplifies the warranty registration process by handling the paperwork with Cobalt on your behalf. Once they’ve gathered your information, it’s sent to Cobalt, who then activates your warranty. With this seamless process, Cobalt ensures your boat is protected, allowing you to enjoy uninterrupted time on the water under the coverage of their warranty program.

How to Transfer Your Warranty 

The great part of Cobalt’s warranty program is that all parts of it (excluding engine) can be transferred. The remaining warranty can be transferred to the second owner if you were to sell the boat. 

It can be easily accomplished by contacting your local Cobalt dealer to obtain a Transfer Form or download the form. From there, all you have to do is fill the form out and mail it to Cobalt Boats. From there, Cobalt will be able to register the new owner for the boat. 

Fun Times on a Cobalt 

Cobalt Boats provides peace of mind, allowing you to fully embrace summer fun on the water with friends and family aboard your Cobalt. Should any issues arise, simply reach out to your local Action Water Sports for assistance in determining if your situation qualifies for a warranty claim. Meanwhile, continue to enjoy your time on the water aboard your premium bowrider.

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