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Introducing the Cobalt R33 Surf. Learn more here!

Cobalt Boats was founded in 1968 to bring luxury bowriders to the world of boating. After 56 years, they continue to lead the industry with a luxury lineup of boats. Most recently, Cobalt released the R33 Surf to keep up with modern water sports and technologies. 

The R33 Surf combines the classic luxuries of every Cobalt with the ability to perform for water sports. And, more specifically, this boat is safe to surf behind, unlike their traditional sterndrive boats. This is due to the design and safety features built into this fun boat. 

Learn what makes this boat so unique with this article. Keep reading to learn more.  

Features of the Cobalt R33 Surf 

Surf-Specific Features

At the forefront of the R33 Surf’s design are its surf-specific features, tailored to enhance the experience of water sports enthusiasts. Unlike traditional sterndrive boats, the R33 Surf is engineered to provide a safe and optimal surfing experience. Key technologies include: 

  • Volvo Penta FWD with up to 860 HP: Powerful twin engines that ensure performance and agility on the water. 
  • Independent Motor Trim: Each motor can be adjusted independently, allowing for precise control over the wake shape and size without the need for additional ballast. 
  • Surf Gate Technology: A Cobalt feature that enhances wave customization, making it suitable for surfers of all skill levels. 
  • T2 Board Racks: Storage for surfboards and other water sports equipment on the tower of the boat. 

These technologies collectively enable the R33 Surf to rival some of the best wake boats in the industry. All while providing a customizable wave that riders of any skill level can enjoy. 

Luxury Amenities

As a 33-foot boat, one huge benefit is that it is yacht-certified. This means that you can bring as many guests as you want as long as you have the correct number of life vests on board. Considering the size of this boat, you’ll be able to head out on the water with all of your favorite people.  

Following the Cobalt brand, you can expect premium features in every aspect. From the comfort of the cushions to the entertainment features, these boats are built with luxury in mind. Some features you’ll find aboard the R33 Surf include: 

  • Cobalt’s Splash & Stow: A convenient feature that maximizes storage of yacht inflatables. 
  • Side-Entry Door: Enhances accessibility and convenience when boarding. 
  • Harmon Kardon Audio System: Delivers premium sound quality for onboard entertainment. 
  • Seakeeper: Provides stabilization for a smoother ride, reducing boat roll and enhancing comfort. 
  • E-Step: Allows guests to easily get in and out of the water at the press of a button. 
  • Flip-Up Bolster Seat: Offers adjustable seating options for enhanced comfort and visibility. 

These features coupled with the Cobalt classics create a premium bowrider surf boat. The features and design of this boat create the most versatile 33-foot boat on the market. The R33 promotes a premium bowrider surf boat that seamlessly blends luxury with performance. 

Enjoy the R33 Surf

The Cobalt R33 Surf represents a great model for Cobalt Boats by bringing decades of innovation to a boat built for modern boaters. Whether you’re cruising leisurely or engaging in your favorite water sports activities, the R33 Surf promises an unparalleled experience on the water. With its advanced surf technologies and luxurious amenities, this 33-foot boat stands out as a versatile and capable choice for many boating enthusiasts. 

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