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Learn what separates these two luxury Crest pontoons.

Crest pontoons boast the luxury, Michigan-made pontoons that many families love. With an extensive lineup of boats to fit each family, there’s a pontoon for everyone. If you’re interested in the luxury family of Crest pontoons, you’ve found yourself in the right spot. 

This article will review the different models within the luxury family. These models include the Continental and Savannah boats. Now it’s time to discuss the differences between those two models. 

The Continental Models 

There are two continental models available; the Continental and the Continental NX. These boats are designed with the sleekness of a sports cruiser combined with the comfort of a pontoon.  

These boats feature luxury features and amenities throughout the boat. From the entertainment tables, dry storage, and a full-size walkthrough windshield, the Continental boats exude luxury in every aspect. 

Continental boats are available in two lengths: 25 ft. And 27 ft. You can equip your Crest Continental with a 300 or 400 HP motor. If you opt for the Continental NX, you can equip your boat with twin motors if you want up to 800 HP. 

  • Wireless Phone Charger
  • Klipsch Audio Package
  • Integrated Docking Lights
  • Wireless Remote Control
  • Garmin Multifunction 9-Inch
  • Cladded Arch with Gas Assist
  • Full-Size Windshield
  • Rugged Bow Cooler

The Savannah Model 

The Savannah model is described as the crossroad of luxury performance and style. As the epitome of style, luxury, and performance, you can’t go wrong with the Crest Savannah.  

As the flagship model of Crest pontoons, luxury and high-end features are found throughout every aspect of this boat. Some unique features include the elevated captain’s quarters, Klipsch audio package, and fiberglass accents separate this boat from others. 

The Savannah is available in 25 ft. And 27 ft. Models. You can equip this boat with motors ranging in size from 300-400 HP. This allows you to enjoy a luxury pontoon while still being capable of pulling tubers or skiers. 

  • Elevated Captain’s Helm
  • Integrated Docking Lights
  • Wireless Remote
  • Klipsch Audio Package
  • Garmin Multifunction 9-Inch Display
  • Fiberglass Accents and Bow
  • Captain’s Cooled Cupholder

Which Crest Ultimate Luxury is Right? 

Both the Continental and Savannah models were built to promote luxury features all throughout the boat. You can’t go wrong with either of these models.  

Though, if you’re looking for sport luxury, the Continental models would likely be the better choice. With the availability of a twin motor, you will have the capability of flying across the water.  

Now, for those seeking the flagship Crest, a Savannah is going to be the ultimate choice for you and your family. Experience luxury in every aspect on the luxurious Savannah pontoon by Crest pontoons. 

Time for Boating 

With this guide, you’ll be able to choose which boat is right for you and your family. The last step is getting the boat ready for boating adventures. Stop by Action Water Sports to get your boat for all of your boating adventures. 


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