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Cobalt boats have successfully crafted the most sought-after bowriders in the industry. They introduced the Surf Series to their fleet of luxurious boats to expand on their phenomenal brand. With the designs and craftmanship of every Cobalt plus the added surf features, this is a great boat for families who want the ability to do water sports 

What are these popular features that make the Cobalt Surf System stand out against other bowrider surf boats? Let’s discuss or click on the video to watch what these innovative features are. 


The Cobalt surf system has four significant features that contribute to its great ability to throw an amazing wave. These features are the Volvo Penta FWD, Surf Controls, Surf Gate, and Surf Ballast. 

Volvo Penta FWD 

The Volvo Penta FWD sterndrive motor is the ultimate power source for the Cobalt Surf System. With two forward-facing props positioned well under the boat, this system has proven efficient and smooth performance. The two props spin in a counterclockwise direction which pulls the boat through the water rather than pushing it. 

Since the props are positioned well under the boat, you can surf safely without worrying about being near the spinning props. This powertrain system is perfect for the ultimate bowrider performance coupled with the surfing abilities create the ultimate boat.  

Surf Controls 

The surf controls found on the Cobalt surf system are simple and easy to use. Whether you’re a lifelong boater or new to fun, the controls used on the Cobalt surf series is easy for anyone and everyone to use. 

This sophisticated surf system features technology that allows riders to customize the wave to their personal preference. You can alter the ballast, drive, trim, and speed to create the perfect personalized wave. 

The Cobalt surf system comes with two preset profiles – mellow and steep. You can choose a longer and shorter wave, or you can choose a tall and shorter wave. These settings are a great starting place for many riders to figure out their personal preferences.  

Surf Gate 

Cobalt surf boats are equipped with the Malibu Surf GateTM technology. The surf gate technology is built with high-speed hydraulic actuators that shape the ultimate wakesurf wave. This technology creates a long, clean wave that many surfers love. The Surf Gate technology creates this great wave for Cobalt boats. 

Surf Ballast 

The final feature that contributes to the best bowrider surf boat is the hard tank ballast. Regardless of which Cobalt surf boat you choose, it will be equipped with multiple hard ballast tanks. With these tanks full, you can expect to add 2,350 lbs of weight to aid in shaping the wave.  

Available Cobalt Surf Boats 

Four boats fall into the Cobalt Surf Series. All are built with innovative surf features to deliver a luxury surfing experience on the water. These boats include the CS23, R4, R6, and R8.  

These boats are different lengths to fit the needs and wants of different families. The CS23 is 23 feet in length. The R4 is 24 feet, the R6 is 26 feet, and the R8 is 28 feet. There is a boat for every family within the Cobalt Surf series. 

Price of a Cobalt Surf Boat 

This Cobalt series features boats of different lengths and trim levels. Each boat is perfect for different families. These great boats start at a price of $136,900 or $1,045/month*. Depending on which boat is right for you and your family, the price may vary.  

Why is the Cobalt Surf System Impressive? 

With all the great features onboard the Cobalt Surf boats, you know you’re getting the most premium experience. Cobalt creates the most luxurious bowriders in the industry. To cross the luxury and quality with surf features has delivered one of the most prestigious bowrider surf boats in the industry. 

The Cobalt surf boats can compete with towboats that are designed to create the ultimate wave. The difference can be seen in the motor and how it operates. Typically, bowrider surf boats could be a better option for larger bodies of water because they can cut through chop and perform in many conditions.  

Towboats are better equipped for smaller bodies of water that don’t see much change in conditions on the water. For those boating on the big lakes or exploring the oceans who still want surf capabilities, the Cobalt surf boats should be on your radar.  

You and your family can enjoy hours on the water doing your favorite watersports with one of these great boats. For more information on the Cobalt surf series, stop by your local Action Water Sports.  

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