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Before we know it, Summer will be back. Soon enough we’ll be enjoying the water and time on the boat. However, before we get too excited about summer, we need to focus on Spring. And more specifically, a Spring Service Checklist.

Why is it important to think about Spring as a boater? One big reason is to prepare your boat for the upcoming boating season. There’s no better way to get ready for the boating season than with a Spring Service Checklist.  

This checklist will go through everything you need to know to have your boat ready. Keep reading or check out the video to learn how to prepare for the summer with these 4 simple steps.  

Step 1: Summerization 

First on the to-do list for spring is to prep your boat for summer. Here at Action Water Sports, we have a 40-point checklist that we go through for every boat in our storage facilities. Before you get your boat back for the summer, we will make sure everything is functioning as it should be.  

In this 40-point checklist, we go over 4-6 different segments of your boat. Depending on what kind of boat you have will determine the inspection points. Inspection points include these segments: 

Trailer Inspection 

The inspection ensures your trailer is safe and ready to haul your boat throughout the season. Lights, tires, bearings, trailer jack, the winch, and more are all looked over and repaired if need be. 

Boat trailers take on a lot of wear and tear if you often trailer your boat. Checking over these parts of the trailer at the beginning of the season will help to reduce the possibility of needing repairs mid-season.  

Instrument Inspection 

The instrument inspection refers to all the electronics that are onboard your boat. With new boats, this is very important to look over every spring. This will include things such as the navigation lights, courtesy lights, horn, blower, bilge pump, stereo equipment, and any other technology is on your boat.  

Action Water Sports will make sure that the electronics on your boat are ready to go for the season. The goal is to keep these functioning properly all season long. 

Engine Inspection 

The engine inspection is a very important part of the summerization process. Without a properly functioning engine, you’re not going to have a great time on the water until those issues get resolved.  

For example, some specifics of the engine inspection includes engine oil, throttle control, engine belts, power steering fluid, and more. Be reviewing these parts of the engine, it ensures your boat will be functioning properly when the weather changes in the spring.  


Along with the other parts of the inspection, some general parts of the boat must be observed. Some things that fall under this portion of the general inspection includes fuel leaks, water leaks, kill switch, battery and battery cables, fire extinguisher, and more.  

Inboard Underwater Gear 

This portion of the inspection only refers to inboard boats. To ensure that the specific parts of these boats are working properly, these engine components need to be observed along with the general engine inspection. 

Some parts included in this part of the 40-point inspection include checking over the prop, the strut, surf system, exhaust flaps, and other inboard parts. For those with an inboard boat, this is a very important part of the inspection. 

Sterndrive Underwater Gear 

Similar to the special inboard inspection, a more specific sterndrive inspection is also required. This ensures parts such as the prop, trim lines, bellow, and lower units are functioning properly. 

If your boat is a sterndrive, you will appreciate that your boat is receiving extra attention due to the special components on board. We want to make sure your sterndrive is ready for the summer adventures ahead.  

Step 2: Dock and Lift Installation 

Now that your boat has been inspected and prepped for summer, it’s time to get your dock and lift installed. Coordinating the timing of your dock and lift installation is a crucial part of preparing for spring. Always schedule your dock and lift installation early to make sure the timing is right for you and your family.  

Step 3: Detail 

For those wanting to have a spotless boat at the beginning of the summer, consider setting your boat up for a detail. This will have you and your family starting the season out right with a sparkling boat.  

Step 4: Boating Gear 

And finally, step 4 which is boating gear. Before heading out on the water for your first cruise of the year, stop by Action Water Sports to pick up all boating gear you may need. 

From boards to ropes, to safety gear and more, you can find exactly what you need to make this summer the best summer yet. 

Summer Ready 

By following this 4 step spring checklist, you’ll be ready for summer. At Action Water Sports, we’ve made it easy for you to prepare in a hassle-free way for your summer. With boating season just around the corner, prepare the right way.  

And, if you need any other service work done throughout the season, we’re here to help. We can help assist with any issues and get you back on the water as quickly as possible. Without any worries, prepare for the upcoming boating season and enjoy time on the water with friends and family. 

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