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What’s the difference?

Cobalt R8 vs. R7 comparison:

Today we’ll be taking a look at some of the differences between the Cobalt R7 and their newest addition, the Cobalt R8. The Cobalt R8 represents the next generation of the R series from Cobalt. But does it really differ from R7? Keep reading to learn more about our Cobalt R8 vs. R7 comparison.


Let’s take a look at the Cobalt R8. The R8 is a 27 foot 10 in long bowrider designed for those who appreciate a modern classy aesthetic with the ability to enjoy water sports as well. The R8 is yacht certified and can hold 2 large families comfortably. One reason people love Cobalt R7 (see video here of R7 in action) is because of the deeper freeboard and deep v hull. Even though the hull design on the R8 looks more modern, it still maintains the deep v-hull and freeboard which maintains a dry ride, regardless of water conditions. The R8 comes in three variant model types: the R8 sterndrive, outboard, and surf edition. All variants come with a new modern aesthetic and class that can only be found in a Cobalt boat.

It’s All About the Details

Helm & Captain’s Chair

The Cobalt R8 has been updated with optional 10-inch Garmin glass touch screens as well as a wireless phone charger, and a modern dash update. These optional glass screens are only available in the 7-inch design on the Cobalt R7 and the wireless charger is only available on the R8. The co captain’s chair comes with a reversible flip seat as you’ve seen on previous R series models and of course a head unit which can be also used for extra storage space.

Cobalt R8 Dash & Captains Chair

Tower & Stern

The Cobalt R8 has a couple different forward facing tower options, but one of our favorites is the power tower option. With a simple push of a button your tower lowers down for storage and travel. The foldable tower has 3 board rack options, but one of our favorites is the swivel rack. The R7 also has a power tower option called the electric arch, however with our customers we’ve noticed that the classic stainless steel collapsible bimini is the preferred option.

Cobalt R8 on the water


The first thing you’ll notice about the bow in the Cobalt R8 is the amount of space for you and your family to enjoy. With the L shape walkthrough and their space reclamation design, the bow of the Cobalt R8 is functional and extremely comfortable. This is very similar to the Cobalt R7, however the R8’s bow takes everything good from the R7 and tweaks it to make it just a bit better in all areas. With dual USB charging ports and a new beehive upholstery, the R8 keeps that classy look that you’ve come to expect with a new updated modern design.

Cobalt R8 Bow


Wrap Up

Thanks for reading! We hope that our Cobalt R8 vs. R7 comparison has given you more insight into the future of the Cobalt R Series. If you have any questions or would just like to know more about the Cobalt R8 or R7 please contact our Traverse City or Hudsonville locations for more information. Until then, we’ll see you on the water.

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