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Is a surf boat the right boat for you? Keep reading to learn if this is the right boat.

Surf boats are popular for several reasons. Families love their versatility and performance on many different waterways. Whether you boat on a smaller lake in Michigan or a large reservoir out west or on the ocean, these boats offer a fun escape.  

For that reason, we have put together a list of the top 5 reasons a surf boat could be your next dream boat. Keep reading or check out the video to learn whether a surf boat is right for you and your family for the next boating season. 

1. Water Sports 

Surf boats are built to be the ultimate water sports boat. With the inboard motor, these boats are safe for all water sports. And most uniquely, wake surfing. Since this sport takes place just a few feet from the rear of the boat, you can only do this water sport on specific boats.  

Wake surfing is one of the most popular water sports in today’s world because of it’s low impact and simple learning curve. Many people of all ages and skill level enjoy wake surfing which is why it is such a popular sport. 

Along with wake surfing, other popular water sports that you can participate in behind a surf boat include wakeboarding, water skiing, wake foiling, tubing and knee boarding. Whatever sport is your favorite, you can enjoy behind a surf boat.  

If water sports are important to you and your family, a surf boat is the ideal boat. With handling and performance abilities while towing someone behind the boat, you won’t find a better option for a versatile water sport boat.  

2. Family and Friend Fun 

The second biggest reason families love surf boats is because of the time you can spend with friends and family on the water. During the boating season, it’s a great way to get outside and spend quality time with those you care most about. 

With a wide variety of sizes available in surf boats, there’s plenty of room for all who you wish to invite on the boat. And, what better way to spend quality time with your favorite people than on a boat enjoying your favorite water sports? 

3. Luxury Features 

Most surf boats are built with sophisticated systems and technology to ensure that you have the best experience on the water. The surf systems that feature ballast pumps and wake shaping technology reduce the need for manual effort. 

Along with luxury sound systems and screens for controlling the systems on board the boat. Depending on which boat you decide is right, some surf boats come equipped with features such as wireless phone chargers, transom seating, board storage, and more.  

4. Size and Series 

The great thing about surf boats is that there is a one for every family. For example, here at Action Water Sports, we carry MasterCraft boats. MasterCraft offers surf boats ranging in size from 20ft to 26ft 

Based on the size of the boat, the capacity will vary. The 26ft MasterCraft is yacht certified meaning it doesn’t have a set capacity. Other sizes of MasterCrafts have set capacities based on the exact size. Along with the different sizes, there are several trim levels to choose from.  

These trim levels offer something a little different at each level. At the entry price point, you’ll find the NXT lineup. These boat’s are built to be a price conscious option while still maintaining the standards every MasterCraft is known for. 

Now we move to the XT level. These boats have more advanced technology, luxurious features, and intricate designs. Following the XT line, you’ll find the X lineup. These boats boast premium features and designs in every aspect. You can expect to find the most technology and premium features aboard these boats. 

And finally, the XStar S which is MasterCrafts flagship model. These boats come packed full of luxury amenities and features. Whether you’re the driver, co-captain, or rider, you will be able to experience the premium XStar S. 

5. Enjoy the Boating Season 

And finally, the fifth reason to buy a surf boat is that it is the perfect way to enjoy warmer weather. Wherever you live, it is always an enjoyable day when it can be spent on the water.  

A surf boat provides a great option for active families looking to spend hours and hours out on the water and in the sun. If this sounds like the right boat for you and your family, be sure to stop by your local Action Water Sports to learn more about MasterCraft boats. 

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