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The best-selling Barletta – the Cabrio 22UC. This boat has proven time and time again to be the winner with many families. This boat encapsulates all of the best features that Barletta is known for while maintaining a great price which makes for the ultimate boat.  


First, let’s discuss the length of this boat. At 22 feet, you get the perfect size boat for most lakes as it’s not too big nor too small. Especially for small inland lakes in Michigan, this boat is the ultimate summer vessel for you and your family.  

Since it’s not a huge boat, it is fairly easy to trailer behind a truck. The larger the boat, the more difficult it will be to transport from lake to lake. This is what makes the 22-foot Cabrio great for families no matter where you live.  

The Cabrio 22UC tritoon has a capacity of 12 people. That is plenty of space for the whole family along with a few friends. Many people love that they can invite all of their favorite people out on the boat while not having to get a massive boat. 


The Cabrio 22UC is the Ultra-Lounge model with a co-captain’s chair. This floorplan is a very popular option for many people because of its versatility and comfort. The combination of the comfortable Ultra-Lounger and the convenient co-captain’s chair make this boat comfortable for families.  

With the co-captain’s chair, you are can sit right next to the driver. This makes it comfortable and convenient when there are only two people on the boat at once. You won’t always have a full boat of friends and family on your boat, sometimes it may just be you and one other person. The UC layout is perfect for this situation.  

Standard Features 

Barletta is known for having the largest number of standards in the industry. You may be wondering, what’s the benefit of having so many standards? You won’t have to go through a bunch of options that add significant costs to your boat. 

The Cabrio series has a power bimini, VIP technology, Pet-Friendly Features, Easy-step ladder, Raised Helm, Extended Swim Deck, and more. These features combined with the designs and construction of the Cabrio series are what make this boat loved by so many. 

Available Upgrades 

Though Barletta builds every boat with the largest number of standards in the industry, there are still a number of upgrades and options available to customize your boat. These include a double bimini, bolster seat, table, and more.  

Not all families feel the need for any options or upgrades, though some may like to have them. These upgrades and options allow you to customize your boat to be your perfect dream boat. 

Great Value for Your Money 

The price of the Cabrio 22UC is perfect for all of the amenities you will get from this boat. With the ultimate quality and construction, these boats are the winner for many families.  Stop by your local Action Water Sports to check out the Cabrio 22UC models we have in stock! 

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