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New for 2018, Action Water Sports is proud to offer Barletta pontoons at our Hudsonville, Traverse City and Central Florida locations.

Barletta is the brainchild of President and Co-Owner, Bill Fenech. Fenech is a 30+ year veteran of the RV industry, most recently as co-owner of Grand Design RV. Bill and his team are utilizing their past manufacturing experience to bring a plethora of unique innovations to the pontoon industry, conceptualized to better suit the needs of demanding boaters. Arguably the most robust underdeck structure in the industry, “Yeti-ready” cup holders, and integrated pet food and water dishes are just a few of the innovations you can come to expect from Barletta.

Full of Features

Barletta is already making waves in the pontoon industry. During the Minneapolis Boat Show, Barletta found themselves the recipient of the 2018 National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) Innovation Award in the pontoon category. The Barletta Lusso pontoon boats were recognized for their innovative approach to many of the issues that plague today’s boaters. An ergonomically designed raised helm is just one example of the attention to detail Barletta puts into each and every one of their pontoons.

Scroll below to see what innovations helped Barletta claim such a prestigious award.


Ergonomic Raised Helm

This is the best helm you will find in the industry. Designed with comfort, style, and functionality, the helm found on every Barletta is going to exceed everyone’s expectations of a pontoon helm.

26″ Diameter Pontoon Toons

The Lusso series is built with heavy-duty toons. The larger toons provide more flotation and the possibility for more flotation. An added addition on the toons are the splash fins that keep water from splashing into the boat. This design will keep everyone on board dry and comfortable.

Superior Quality and Construction

Built with the strongest in-class design and construction, the Barletta’s are built to last. One feature that is standard on every Barletta is VIP technology. The VIP technology provides the smoothest ride in the industry because of the reduced vibration. Along with other construction designs, you won’t be disappointed with the quality and design of any Barletta.


EZ Fill Fuel Station

Centrally located, secure, and protected. Fill up from either side with a hose or gas can.

Charging Ports

Charge multiple devices simultaneously. You’ll find numerous spots on the boat where you can charge all of your devices.

Extended Swim Deck

The largest and most functional extended rear deck in the industry. The extended swim deck allows for more room to jump off the boat, move around the boat, or just to relax.


Other Favorite Features

Cooler Storage

Accessible from the deck, or in the water, a perfectly placed storage compartment designed for the Yeti Hopper Flip 18 soft cooler.

Yeti-Ready Cup Holders

The largest and deepest cup holders securely hold any 20 or 30 oz. Yeti tumbler.

Extended Motor Pad

The extended motor pad not only feeds the engine more clean water, increasing efficiency, but it also plays a part in improving your ride.

Pet-Friendly Features

Keep your fury companion content while out on the water with this stow-away pet dish, hidden under the raised helm. Other pet-friendly features include DoggieDockView doors that let our smaller pets enjoy the views as well.

Luxurious Furniture

Barletta has set the bar for the most comfortable furniture in the industry. The furniture found on every Barletta is right in line with the rest of the luxurious boat.

Ski Tow Bar

The ski tow bar is great for families who want to enjoy watersports. You can ski, tube, and wakeboard behind your Barletta with this convenient feature.