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One of the newest and hottest services in the marine industry right now is ceramic coating. While it’s been a hot commodity in the car industry for some time, ceramic coating has recently been introduced to boating and has rapidly become a must have service. This hydrophobic application repels water and protects your boat’s gel-coat from fading due to UV rays from the sun. Say goodbye to that bottle of wax, application pad, sore shoulders, and hello to the extra couple of hours of skiing, wakeboarding, tubing, cruising and swimming!

“The last thing you want to do is brutally hand scrub the whole boat after a hard day on the water. Ceramic coating takes all that tiring legwork out of the equation.”
-Satisfied Ceramic Customer

Here at Action Water Sports, we utilize the hardest, highest quality ceramic coating available. It is applied by hand (vs. a spray) to control consistency, no runs or lines, and has a mirror shine. But does it really work? We asked our professional fiberglass repair techs to show us the difference between a hull that has had an application of ceramic coating and one that we’ve waxed…we think the results speak for themselves.

Let’s take a closer look…
As you can see there is a significant difference after the ceramic application. Let’s take a closer look at how this process works and why it’s a must have for your boat.

What a lot of people don’t know is that your boat’s gel-coat is porous and that’s how dirt, grime, and yes…even water, can stick to the surface. The ceramic coating acts as a buffer that fills in those gaps to create a solid surface that reflects sunlight, prevents damage and keeps water spots from baking into the paint’s surface.This extends the life of your gel-coat and makes the colors look just like they did when they left the factory.

Another cool dynamic of ceramic coating that is unique to the marine industry is bottom hull applications. Much like bottom paint, it will prevent any undergrowth from forming on the bottom of the hull if your boat is stationed on a slip or dock. While both bottom paint and ceramic on a hull bottom need a certain amount of annual/bi-annual maintenance, a major advantage is ceramic coating keeps the color of the boat hull. No big goofy thick black line!

As you can see, ceramic coating is a must have when owning a boat. The longevity, durability, and stylish finish makes it a smart option for any boat buyer. If you’re interested in ceramic coating for your boat or have anymore questions, contact your local Action Water Sports for more details.