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Learn why savvy boat buyers choose to purchase in the fall

Why buying in the fall is SMART

Plenty of build slots available and early bird promotions are back. 2023 models are rolling into our showrooms with stellar new tech features, practical creature comforts, and eye-catching color ways making new boats better than ever. But the model year changeover doesn’t just signify an influx of new models, it marks a reset in the calendar year for boat buying that everyone should be aware of! If you want to take advantage of the most savings and the opportunity to get the perfect family boat designed your way with your colors, there is no better time to buy than the fall.

Highest trade-in value with tax incentives

Guaranteed spring delivery


Smart boat buyers’ calendar


Fall Promotion

In the fall, we are able to combine early buy promotions with boat show promotion deals. We then pass these savings onto you by purchasing in the fall. Those purchasing in-stock inventory can also take delivery of their boat, immediately. 


Boat Show Promotion

Boaters that purchase during the boat show season still have an opportunity to save on their new model with limited production slots available.

What’s the best time of year to buy? 

The short answer is fall and here’s why: boat manufacturers employ hundreds of workers to handcraft each and every boat. In order to streamline production, raw material purchasing, and employ their skilled craftsmen throughout the year, manufacturers must offer discounts in the fall to stimulate sales when demand is at its lowest. Fall is without question the best time in the model year to purchase a new boat, even better than the boat show!

How much can I save by purchasing in the fall?  

 The short answer – up to thousands! By purchasing now, you help manufacturers plan their schedules in which they offer dealers early buy incentives that we can pass on to you. Combine those with boat show promotions we are offering in the fall, it’s the best time to buy a boat in years!

*Incentives vary by model. See dealer for details.  

Does buying a boat in the fall affect my trade-in value?

Yes, buyers that purchase in the fall receive a higher trade-in value than those who wait until the spring or the summer of 2023 when the boat is another calendar year older. Additionally, trading in your current boat for a new model gives you a fresh warranty ensuring a hassle-free experience every time. If you are considering trading in and upgrading to your next dream boat, check out this link!  

What other benefits do I get from buying in the Fall?  

If the idea of purchasing a predesigned, in-stock model just doesn’t cut it for you, then buying in the fall is the only way to guarantee your customized boat will be ready to hit the water in next Summer when you are. Fall boat buyers are able to customize their boat colors and options and create a boat that matches their family’s lifestyle. If you wait until boat show season, orders could get backed up.

Even more ways to SAVE 

It’s hard to believe, but we’ve got one more way for you to save on your new boat. As 2023 models roll into our showrooms, we’ve got to make space for them. What does this mean for you? Our 2022s have got to go, and the best way to move them is to put them on clearance. Take advantage of these savings while they last – key phrase being “while they last”.

Click here to view our remaining inventory!  

Spring Promotion

Boaters that purchase in the spring have in-stock boats to select from and still can hit the water for the boating season.

What items do I get when purchasing in the fall?

  • Free full tank of fuel
  • Free on-water orientation and delivery
  • One free life vest pack
  • One free throwable device