Liquid Force puts the power in your hands and launches custom wakesurf designer for 2019

For those of  you who love standing apart from the crowd, have we got an opportunity for you. New for 2019, Liquid Force is giving you the chance to play designer and create your very own, one of a kind wakesurfer.

How’s it work you ask? First, dictate your riding style by  choosing from 1 of 3 proven wakesurf shapes; the Keen, Space Pod or El Guapo. Next, conjure your inner Picasso and start letting the colors flow. Each shape offers you a litany of colors to mix and match, guaranteeing your board makes a statement when it shows up to the lake. Finally, dial in your fin setup to create a ride that suites your style. Scroll below to get a detailed idea of how each board can be laid out.

The Custom Keen

The Custom Keen will come with a unique new material, called Max Ply. This uni-directional carbon cloth allows the board to be a bit thinner and lighter, all the while becoming stronger!  Additionally, the Custom Keen will feature a more pulled in tail to give enhanced control when riding finless.

The Custom Space Pod

The Custom Space Pod will come with slightly crisper edges throughout and slightly less volume in the nose, making it an even more performance oriented shape than the original stock version.

The Custom El Guapo

The Custom El Guapo will come as a vacuum bagged shape, making it much lighter and stronger. Additionally, the Custom El Guapo will feature a more defined square tail accentuating the classic longboard feel even more than the inline version.


Get your order in while you still can.

If you like the idea of your very own custom board, then you need to hurry! The available ordering window for 2019 custom boards will run from October 11 through November 2. Orders submitted after November 2nd will not make the cut, so push through your need to procrastinate, and contact Action Water Sports of Hudsonville, or Action Water Sports of Traverse City ASAP. Our team is eager to walk you through the design process, along with working through any questions you might have.



Growing up on the lakes of Brooklyn, MI, water sports have always, and will continue to, run through my blood.